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Ideas That Work: Try This Tip on Your Tough IV Starts

Outpatient Surgery Editors


Heat the Wand
HEAT THE HAND A glove filled with warm water could help dilate a patient's veins.

It's 0700. Your patient is dehydrated, anxious, cold and scheduled for surgery in 30 minutes. Her veins that are visible aren't palpable. To dilate her veins, you can apply warm blankets, heating pads or warm IV bags, all of which could help. Here's another technique you can try. Fill a disposable glove with warm water (make sure you can tolerate the temperature and it's not too hot). Water should remain in the glove when you interlace the glove's fingers between your fingers. Have the patient interlace her fingers with the glove's for 5 minutes or so. You might find that warming the surface of the hand increases the chances that "something will pop up." These patients can be tough, so give yourself the maximum opportunity for success.

Jay Horowitz, CRNA
Quality Anesthesia Care Corp.
Sarasota, Fla.


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