Archive May 2017 XVIII, No. 5

Ideas That Work: Take a Mint and Get a Hint

Phyllis Flood, RN REFRESHER COURSE Phyllis Flood, RN, (right), a former ER nurse, spearheaded an ACLS educational initiative at Surgicare of Oradell (N.J.).

Take a Mint and Get a Hint

ACLS renewal comes every 2 years, but why not keep staff fresh every day? We came up with a fun and rewarding way to keep the knowledge flowing with a few simple items: a plastic pretzel jar, a bag of Life Savers, a stapler and a pocket clinical guide. First, from the clinical guide compile info on the key drugs used in the ACLS algorithms along with mini cardiac rhythm strips. You can use a question-answer format or simply list the information. Staple each ACLS drug dose/tip and mini cardiac rhythm strip to an individually packaged mint. The label on our jar reads: "Take a Mint and Get a Hint!" Leave the jar in a centrally located place, like a locker room where staff is most likely to see it. You can use this concept to cover most any topic: malignant hyperthermia, accreditation and pediatric drugs, for example.

Lisa Ertle, BA, RN
Surgicare of Oradell (N.J.)

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