Archive October 2019 XX, No. 10

Ideas That Work: Learning Made Fun

Use Games to School Your Staff

Orchard Surgical Center
HEAD GAMES An Orchard Surgical Center staffer tries to guess the words on the card as her colleagues give her clues.

Many educators will tell you that students retain information better when learning is enjoyable and interactive. We put that idea into practice this year at our "It's Not All Fun and Games" skills fair. Our "headband" game helped us teach some regulatory educational topics we're required to cover with staff each year. Staff members took turns holding a card to their foreheads with a topic written on it, and other staff members tried to explain the topic without saying the actual word. We would add extra descriptive words as necessary to cover the topic fully, or explain the policy related to the topic.

Our version of "Family Feud" featured questions like "Name 7 common HIPPA violations," "Name 8 hand hygiene opportunities while working" and "Name 8 checkpoints for the correct procedure." Another game: charades. We assembled an assortment of props to demonstrate the correct way to do certain things at our center, like how to use a fire extinguisher, how to don and doff PPE in a sterile environment, and the ergonomics involved with transferring patients from stretchers to wheelchairs.

Staff members said they'll really remember necessary details because they were presented in a new way that made it a lot more interesting. Next time you're planning to educate, fun and games could be the way to go!

Cathy D'Entremont, RN, MBA
Orchard Surgical Center
Salem, N.H.

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