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Digital Issues

Health Care Regulation

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Hospital Blames EHR for Release of Ebola Patient

His travel history wasn't part of 'physican's workflow.'

Posted 10/03/14 | 2 comments

Same-Day Surgery's Overnight Expansion

A Maryland ASC sees advantages in extended recoveries for ambulatory patients.

Posted 06/26/14 | Post a comment

Close Medicare's Colonoscopy Loophole

ASCA urges facilities to contact lawmakers, support co-pay fix.

Posted 01/16/14 | Post a comment

Ophthalmic ASCs Sidestep Cumbersome Reporting Requirements

CMS withdraws plans to increase reporting requirements for cataract patients.

Posted 12/17/13 | Post a comment

Surface Disinfection

Destroy Dangerous Pathogens With This Cleaner

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