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Second Victim Dies from ASC Attack

Harris Teel, 82, a visitor, had been in critical condition for 10 days.

Published: December 6, 2013

The bizarre knife attack that took the life of a Texas nurse last Tuesday has claimed a second victim. Harris Teel, 82, who'd been in critical condition since the attack, died Thursday morning. Mr. Teel, who was stabbed in the heart, had been waiting to take his son home after a procedure at the Good Shepherd Ambulatory Surgery Center, in Longview, Texas.

The first victim, 57-year-old Gail Sandidge, RN, died shortly after the attack. Three others, including Karen Bobo, RN, and 2 visitors, sustained minor injuries and were treated and released.

Witnesses say the attack was carried out by a man who was running around the surgery center yelling, "You're not going to kill my mother!" Kyron R. Templeton, 22, was arrested shortly after the incident. His mother had been scheduled for a procedure at Good Shepherd Hospital that morning.

Mr. Templeton was being held on bonds of $2.6 million, based on 1 count of murder and 4 counts of aggravated assault. Authorities say he may now face a second murder charge and higher bail.

Jim Burger

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