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Great Ideas for your OR

Posted 07/14/20 | Post a comment

Nominate Your Facility for an OR Excellence Award

It's time to celebrate the year's outstanding achievements in outpatient care.

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Physicians Tepid About Telehealth

Survey of the coronavirus's impact on patient care identifies barriers to widespread use of virtual appointments.

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ASCA Calls for Continued Access to Care During COVID-19

The surgery center association lobbies Congress for support of patients who need elective surgery and the providers who can deliver it.

Posted 07/09/20 | Post a comment

AORN Expo 2021 Moves to August

Perioperative nurses are making plans to meet up in Orlando next summer.

Posted 06/23/20 | Post a comment

HHS Clarifies Conditions for COVID-19 Grants

Terms for ASCs to keep federal money aren't as restrictive as they may have seemed.

Posted 04/16/20 | Post a comment

CMS Issues Coronavirus Infection Control Guidance

Recommendations include how outpatient facilities can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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FDA Backs Converting Anesthesia Machines to Ventilators

The move addresses critical shortages of machines needed for COVID-19 patients.

Posted 04/10/20 | 2 comments

Turning Personal Tragedy Into Positive Change

Q&A with Benjamin J. Davies, MD, surgeon champion of opioid-sparing pain management.

Posted 01/22/20 | Post a comment

Music Is as Good as Sedative in Calming Nerves Before Surgery

Study finds listening to the "most relaxing song on Earth" before getting a nerve block reduces anxiety as well as Versed.

Posted 08/07/19 | Post a comment

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