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Tech Says Surgeon's Physical Bullying During Procedure Was Racially Motivated

He's suing the hospital that he says looked the other way.

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Patient Claims Surgeon Wrongly Shared Her Before-and-After Plastic Surgery Pictures

A local news station placed black bars over the patient's breasts and pelvic area — but identified the woman by name when it aired her photos.

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Texas Docs Court CMS for OK to Expand

Population needs dictate which physician-owned hospitals can build on.

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Stryker Acquires Pre-op Wipe Maker Sage Products

Sage makes disposable products that help prevent infections and hospital-acquired conditions.

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Hospital Fined $86K for Retained Object Can't Figure How It Got There

The left-behind towel was never intended for internal use.

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Furious at Administrators, Surgeon Allegedly Threatened to Get Assault Rifle

Police say they heard him say it was "the only way to get anything done."

Posted 01/29/16 | 1 comment

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