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News & Notes

Posted 11/30/15 | Post a comment

Surgeon Operated on Wrong Part of Brain

Officials: Surgeon and his team skipped the time out and hid the error afterwards.

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News & Notes

Posted 11/23/15 | Post a comment

Widow Sues Olympus and Custom Ultrasonics Over Husband's Superbug Death

Suit: Defectively designed duodenoscope made parts of the instrument difficult to access for cleaning and sterilization.

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Surgeons Reach Peak Performance Between 35 and 50 Years Old

Evidence suggests that post-op complication rate higher in surgeons with 20+ years of experience.

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News & Notes

Posted 11/16/15 | Post a comment

Results From Head-to-Head Comparison of Exparel and Conventional Bupivacaine

New study shows not much separates standard bupivacaine from pricey Exparel.

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Forbes: Punitive Ban on Physician-Owned Hospitals Imposed by the Affordable Care Act Has to Go

Hospitals owned by physicians are often the most efficient, state-of-the-art facilities in the country.

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'Post-Hospital Syndrome' Is a Risk Factor in Elective Surgery

Patients who've been hospitalized within 90 days of surgery have higher post-op readmissions, study finds.

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