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Is Joan Rivers's Daughter Suing Endoscopy Clinic for Wrongful Death?

Melissa Rivers hires high-profile attorneys, will likely file multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

Posted 10/30/14 | 1 comment

Do You Recommend Prehab to Your Patients?

Study: Patients who follow pre-surgery program have an edge on rehab-only patients.

Posted 10/29/14 | Post a comment

How to Handle Ebola Biohazardous Waste

Group of organizations releases 5 recommendations on Ebola waste sterilization.

Posted 10/29/14 | Post a comment

Hospitals Waste Millions in Unused Surgical Supplies

Resource-poor countries can use those items you throw in the trash.

Posted 10/28/14 | Post a comment

News & Notes

Posted 10/27/14 | Post a comment

Woman Sues Illinois Hospital, Claims Dirty Endoscopes Infected Dozens

CDC investigation recently tied hospital to a superbug outbreak.

Posted 10/27/14 | 1 comment

Should Unaccompanied Patients Be Able to Take a Taxi After Surgery?

Readers sound off on discharge instructions.

Posted 10/23/14 | 1 comment

Robots and Gynecology Not a Good Mix?

For benign gynecologic procedures, robots may do more harm than good.

Posted 10/22/14 | Post a comment

California Hospitals, Docs Accused of Lucrative Spine Surgery Scam

They're accused of using cheap knock-off implants, raking in millions.

Posted 10/21/14 | 1 comment

News & Notes

Posted 10/21/14 | Post a comment

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When Malignant Hyperthermia Strikes, Seconds Matter

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