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Police: Director of Surgery Center Tried to Traffic 28g of Fentanyl

Police arrest spine surgeon for drug charges during investigation into unrelated cell phone theft.

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Nurse Dies While Protecting His Orthopedic Surgeon-Wife During Mandalay Bay Massacre

Sonny Melton, RN, one of the 59 reported deaths during the Las Vegas shooting on Sunday night, protected his wife from deadly gunfire.

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Dental Assistant Dead, Former ASC Co-worker Charged After They Stole Vial of Morphine and Shot Each Other Up

Investigation into the woman's overdose has led to charges of burglary, larceny and manslaughter against friend and former ASC colleague.

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Hospital: Cerner's Software Caused $16 Million in Losses

Agnesian Healthcare claims coding errors in billing software from Cerner forced it to send out bills by hand.

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Editorial: Orthopedists Should Hand in Their Football Sideline Passes

Citing brain-injury risk, journal says orthopedic surgeons should not support football.

Posted 09/13/17 | 4 comments

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