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Outpatient Surgery News and Trends

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Change Coming to GI Centers' Payment Models

AGA President: Now's the time to get a jump on bundled colonoscopy payments.

Posted 08/26/14 | Post a comment

News & Notes

Posted 08/25/14 | Post a comment

Black Box Recorder On Its Way

New surgical tracking device detects errors, provides feedback.

Posted 08/25/14 | Post a comment

Drug Mix-Up Blinds Patient, Spurs Malpractice Verdict

Cataract patient given methylene blue instead of VisionBlue.

Posted 08/22/14 | 2 comments

News & Notes

Posted 08/18/14 | Post a comment

Doctor Fined $2,500 for Trigger Release Gaffe

Hand specialist operates on the incorrect finger.

Posted 08/14/14 | Post a comment

At More Than $200K a Year, Surgeons Are Highest Earners

Healthcare-related fields dominate the top 10.

Posted 08/13/14 | 2 comments

Patient Warming

This Warmer's Blankets Stay Warm Longer

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