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Outpatient Surgery News and Trends

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Posted 07/27/15 | Post a comment

Robotic Surgery Linked to
144 Patient Deaths Over 13-Year Timespan

FDA documents show more than 10,000 reported robotic surgery problems between 2000 and 2013.

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ASC Employee Who Sent Confidential E-mails to Her Home Convicted of Computer Fraud

About to be fired, business office manager claims she wanted to protect herself.

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News & Notes

Posted 07/20/15 | Post a comment

Patient Sues Hospital After Surgical Lights Allegedly Cause Severe Burns

This is the second lawsuit that claims an Oregon hospital's unfiltered halogen bulbs left patients with third-degree burns.

Posted 07/20/15 | Post a comment

15 Surgeons, 17 Hospitals Accused of Using Fake Spinal Hardware

Insurance companies in California have filed a civil complaint.

Posted 07/17/15 | 1 comment

Nation's Largest Anesthesia Billing Company Under Healthcare Fraud Investigation

OIG executed federal search warrant amid healthcare fraud allegations at anesthesia billing and collections company.

Posted 07/16/15 | Post a comment


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