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The Art & Science of Mindfulness Meditation

Angela Tarquini-Sanders

Angela Tarquini-Sanders


PRESENT MOMENT Angela Tarquini-Sanders of Mindful Mindz delivers a workshop on mindfulness meditation.

You've likely heard of mindfulness meditation. Now's your chance to try it at ORX.

In this 75-minute positivity workshop, mindfulness expert and founder of Mindful Mindz Angela Tarquini-Sanders will not only share with you the growing mindfulness movement — but why scientists are embracing it and how you can apply its principles to unhook yourself from chronic stress and burnout.

She'll also guide you through a breathing meditation so you can experience the calming benefits of present-moment awareness for yourself. At its core, mindfulness means non-reactively paying attention to your breathing and what your body is doing rather than listening to the constant chatter of the mind.

"When you bring yourself to that sweet spot of the present moment, that's where the joy is," says Ms. Tarquini-Sanders.

"That's where the beauty of life is. With each new breath comes the possibility to be still, create space and become the perfect version of you in this moment."

Some have described mindfulness as the ability to sustain your attention in the present moment without judgment — to pay attention to what's happening right now without wanting the circumstances to be any different. You'll emerge calmer and more compassionate. And less likely to burn out.

Burnout among healthcare workers, nurses in particular, is real. Ms. Tarquini-Sanders cites a 2017 national study of 257 RNs by Kronos Incorporated that found that nearly two-thirds of nurses (63%) suffer burnout due to chronic and excessive stress resulting in negative impacts on personal well-being, work performance and job satisfaction.

In the Art & Science of Mindfulness, Ms. Tarquini-Sanders will discuss the growing practice of mindfulness meditation and how the simple practice can be an effective way to manage chronic stress and improve well-being. This engaging and interactive talk will leave you feeling informed and inspired as we share:

  • What mindfulness is and how it can be a powerful tool to enhance well-being. "We'll also bust a few "tree-hugging' myths about mindfulness," says Ms. Tarquini-Sanders.
  • A brief history of western mindfulness and its growing influence across professional sectors and institutions.
  • Clinical and brain-based research illustrating how and why mindfulness works to manage and improve symptoms of chronic stress as well as other leading diseases.
  • How mindfulness-based practices can benefit nurses and surgical facility administrators.
  • A 10-minute guided meditation to demystify the practice of mindfulness meditation and leave you feeling calm, centered and relaxed.
  • What you can do to start a personal mindfulness practice, including a list of helpful and easy-to-access resources. OSM

Speaker Profile

  • As a former marketing consultant in the healthcare industry and a mother of 3, Ms. Tarquini-Sanders experienced the effects that stress can have on health and emotional well-being. In her search for balance, increased energy and focus, she discovered the transformative benefits of mindfulness.
  • Has spent the last 18 years studying and cultivating her mindfulness practice, Mindful Mindz ( in Naples, Fla.
  • Has delivered mindfulness and positivity workshops in her community and around the country.
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