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A Manager for All Seasons

Connect with staff members of all ages: Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers.

Ann Geier, RN, MS, CNOR, CASC

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Maximizing the potential of each member of your team, regardless of when they were born, can be challenging, but Ann Geier, MS, RN, CNOR, CASC, brings a wealth of respected managerial experience to the podium for her presentation, "Staffing: How to Get the Most Out of Each Generation." Filling the generational gap within your staff demands tapping into what motivates individuals of all ages.

Millennials. Millennials are sociable, tech-savvy goal setters who are confident in their abilities and willing to work in a team-based environment. They know what they want and are used to getting it, so it shouldn't be overly surprising that they expect high salaries upon hire. They often think differently than everyone else in the workplace and have trouble relating to older colleagues. They prefer to communicate through e-mail, text and social media.

Boomers. Baby Boomers often bring an optimistic attitude to work every day. They're loyal, like to establish workplace relationships and want to know that their managers care for them personally. Boomers tend to be workaholics, want to learn more about their profession and like to apply their skills in a team-oriented atmosphere. They also put great value in their job titles and want to converse with coworkers directly instead of exchanging strings of e-mails. Baby Boomers like to be asked questions and prefer to be coached.

The 3 C's. Some staff management principles hold true regardless of age. Be nice, smile, ask questions, listen and be polite with staff. You set a tone with your work ethic and values. Work hard, stay optimistic and demonstrate an understanding of the challenges employees face. Celebrate staff accomplishments, no matter how small the achievements might seem. Follow these 3 tips and your employees will produce for you: be clear, competent and focused, and have integrity. OSM

Ann Geier, MS, RN, CNOR, CASC

speaker profile
arrow Has worked in the ASC industry for more than 30 years.
arrow Is an AAAHC surveyor and a past board member of ASCA.
arrow Author of e-book "Admin 101: What Every New ASC Administrator Needs to Know." Download for free at
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