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Special Audio and Video Presentation

Special Audio and Video Presentation

Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Obese Outpatients
Randall Coombs, MD
Chapel Hill, NC
Click here to watch the 12 minute video presentation.

Special Audio and Video Presentation

How to Make Peripheral Nerve Blocks Even Safer
J. Eric Greensmith, MD, PhD
Hershey, PA
Click here to watch the 12 minute video presentation.

The Case for Regional Anesthesia

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By Roy A. Greengrass, MD

3 Things to Know About Regional Anesthesia Programs

Read Part 2 »

By Admir Hadzic, MD, PhD

How to Ease Into Regional Blocks

Read Part 3 »

By Admir Hadzic, MD, PhD

How to Bill for Regional Anesthesia

Read Part 4 »

By Jennifer Greger, MD, Houston

Tips for Managing Orthopedic Regional Anesthesia Patients

Read Part 5 »

By Richard L. Kahn, MD, New York City

4 Ways to Make Continuous Infusions Run More Smoothly

Read Part 6 »

F. Kayser Enneking, MD, Gainesville, Fla.

Regional Anesthesia Helps Elderly Patients Stay Alert and On Track

Read Part 7 »

Michael F. Mulroy, MD, Seattle

Peripheral Nerve Stimulators Improve Patient Comfort

Read Part 8 »

Anthony R. (Robin) Brown, MBChB, FFA(SA) New York, NY

Perception is Everything

Read Part 9 »

J.C. Gerancher, MD, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Building a Better Regional Anesthesia Procedure Note

Read Part 10 »

J.C. Gerancher, MD, Winston-Salem, N.C.

The Promise of Pediatric Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Read Part 11 »

Allison Kinder Ross, MD, Durham, N.C.

Help is On the Way

Read Part 12 »

Vincent Chan, MD, FRCPC, Toronto, Ontario

Regional Anesthesia: Lessons from Iraq

Read Part 13 »

Chester C. Buckenmaier III, MD, Washington, DC

Block On!

Read Part 14 »

Terese T. Horlocker, MD, Rochester, MN

Is Regional Anesthesia More Cost-Efficient?

Read Part 15 »

Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks: The Jury Is In

Read Part 16 »

Jeffrey M. Richman, MD

The PNBs Have It

Read Part 17 »

Jeffrey M. Richman, MD

Nerve Blocks Improve Patient Well-Being

Read Part 18 »

Ralf E. Gebhard, MD

With Nerve Blocks, Time is Safety

Read Part 19 »

James B. Mayfield, MD, Augusta, GA

Prime Patients Early for PNB Success

Read Part 20 »

Nicholas Lam, MD

Is Regional Anesthesia More Cost-Efficient?

Read Part 21 »

Brian A. Williams, MD, MBA

Filling the Analgesic Gap

Read Part 22 »

Roy A. Greengrass, MD

In Our PACU, Blocks Made Miles of Difference

Read Part 23 »

John Smith, RN, BSN, Indianapolis

Practical Pain Control

Read Part 24 »

Jeffrey D. Swenson, MD

The Post-Opioid Era

Read Part 25 »

Bruce Ben-David, MD

Ultrasound and Nerve Stimulation: Perfect Together

Read Part 26 »

Randall Coombs, MD, Chapel Hill, NC

Helping Patients Understand Regional Blocks

Read Part 27 »

J.C. Gerancher, MD, Winston Salem, N.C.

How to Make Peripheral Nerve Blocks Even Safer

Read Part 28 »

J. Eric Greensmith, MD, PhD, Hershey, Pa.

Regional Anesthesia Took My Pain From 10 to 0

Read Part 29 »

Gary Shellard, Alta, CA

Avoiding Post-Lithotripsy Pain

Read Part 30 »

Brian D. Jamieson, MD, Goldsboro, NC

There's No Better Advertisement than a Happy Patient!

Read Part 31 »

James P. Sullivan, DPM, FACFAS, Sea Girt, NJ

What Is Ultrasound's Role in Peripheral Nerve Blocks?

Read Part 32 »

Desiree Persaud, MD, FRCPC, Ottawa

When Should We Use Stimulating Catheters?

Read Part 33 »

Laura Clark, MD, Louisville, Ky.

Stimulating Catheters for Outpatient Surgery

Read Part 34 »

Brian A. Williams, MD, MBA, Pittsburgh, PA

Fortifying Our Future With PNB Training

Read Part 35 »

Roy A Greengrass, MD, FRCP, Jacksonville, Fla.

Our Insurers Pay for Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Read Part 36 »

Joel Swanson, MD, Butler, Pa.

No Pain, Big Gain

Read Part 37 »

Michelle Mattson, RN, BSN, MBA, Durham, NC

A Breakthrough in Nerve Stimulation

Read Part 38 »

William F. Urmey, MD, New York City

Acute Pain Nurse: Key to Continuous Infusion Success

Read Part 39 »

Bonnie L. Howe, RN BSN, Jacksonville, Fla.

A Surgeon's Perspective: The Power of PNBs

Read Part 40 »

Thomas Vail, MD, San Francisco, Calif.

A Surgeon's View: Dispelling Some Common PNB Myths

Read Part 41 »

Keith Kenter, MD, Cincinnati

Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Wise Investment

Read Part 42 »

Gabrielle White, RN, CASC, and Karen Ollila, Newport Beach, Calif.

Yes You Can Get Reimbursed for Nerve Blocks

Read Part 43 »

Stephanie Ellis, RN, CPC, Brentwood, Tenn.

Continuous Nerve Blocks Boost Patient Confidence

Read Part 44 »

Rob Zumph, Chicago, Ill.

Intra-Articular Infusions or Nerve Blocks?

Read Part 45 »

Brent P. Hansen, DO, Glendale, Ariz.

Blocks Help Hernia Patients Go Home Faster

Read Part 46 »

Richard K. Baumgarten, MD, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.

Paravertebral Blocks: Benefits Beyond Expectations

Read Part 47 »

Jacques E. Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Nerve Blocks: A Hospital CEO's Perspective

Read Part 48 »

Robert J. Sauers, FACMPE, Bethlehem, PA

Nerve Blocks: The Right Choice in a Down Economy

Read Part 49 »

Ralf E. Gebhard, MD, Miami, Florida

Get Total Knee Patients Moving With Continuous Nerve Blocks

Read Part 50 »

Edward R. Mariano, MD, MAS, San Diego, Calif.

A Two-Pronged Approach to PONV Prevention

Read Part 51 »

Jeff Gadsden, MD, FRCPC, FANZCA, New York, NY

A Breakthrough in Nerve Stimulation

Read Part 52 »

William F. Urmey, MD, New York City

5 Top Tips for Block Reimbursement

Read Part 53 »

David Auyong, MD, Seattle, Washington

Is <0.2mA a reliable indicator of intraneural injection?

Read Part 54 »

Paul Bigeleisen, MD, UPMC, Pennsylvania

TAP: A New Standard for Abdominal Surgery?

Read Part 55 »

Loran Mounir Soliman, MD, Cleveland, Ohio

Nerve Stimulation with Ultrasound: The Clinical Benefits

Read Part 56 »

Michael L. Kentor, MD, Pittsburgh

Are Nerve Stimulators Obsolete?

Read Part 57 »

Stuart A. Grant, MB, ChB, Durham, N.C.

Total Joints at a Freestanding ASC? Why Not?

Read Part 58 »

Chris McClellan, DO, Altoona, Pa.