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Archive December 2019 XX, No. 12


Standing Up Against Surgical Smoke
Perioperative nurses are the driving force behind a growing movement to eliminate perilous plumes in facilities across the country.

Yes, You Can Please Everyone
Increase your facility's satisfaction survey scores, one patient at a time.

Prepped to Perfection
How we made proper skin prepping a top priority.

Why Fast Past Midnight?
Patients who carbo-load before procedures can better handle the physical stress of surgery and recover sooner.

How We Slashed Our Sharps Injuries
Best practices are a must. But replacing emails with conversations and blame with caring is what really made our sharps injuries drop.

Readers Reveal Their Patient Warming Preferences
Facility leaders agree hypothermia prevention is critical, but differ on how, when and why to do it.

3 Essential Steps in Endoscope Care
Manual cleaning, internal channel inspection and proper drying are necessary to ensure that high-level disinfection occurs.

Chronic Pain in the Era of the Opioid Crisis
Image-guided interventions like epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation and spinal cord stimulators are in high demand.

Wanted: An Abdominal Robot For Same-Day Surgery
Here's an update on the quest for smaller, less expensive robots tailored to outpatient facilities.

5 Tips for More Efficient Sterile Processing
How one hospital turned its SPD into a shining example of excellence.

What's New in Anesthesiology
6 products that can help your providers keep patients comfortable and safe during surgery.

Do You Need a Robot to Replace Knees?
Some orthopedic surgeons say the technology noticeably improves outcomes. Others say it simply makes post-op X-rays look better.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Staff Appreciation
A Day in the Life of Your Colleagues

Ideas That Work: Constant Contact
Touch Base With Patients Every 30 Minutes

Ideas That Work: Comfort Measure
Family Members Can Grab a Seat

Ideas That Work: Fun Facts Matching Game
How Well Do You Know Your Staff?

Ideas That Work: Unfriendly Reminder
Wasting Meds Is Frowned Upon

Ideas That Work: Visual Management
Keep Your Case Carts in Line

Ideas That Work: Employee Empowerment
Publicize and Promote Staff Ideas


Editor's Page: My Double Knee Replacement Saga
Is it still considered "outpatient" surgery if you spend a night in the hospital?

Staffing: Knock Tasks Down With the 2-Minute Rule
You and your staff can get a lot done in 120-second increments.

Medical Malpractice: In the OR, You're Most Likely to Be Sued for ...
Surgical pros must most often defend negligence and battery lawsuits.

Business Advisor: Treat Your Patients Like First-class Passengers
5 simple tips from a flight attendant's crash course on patient care.

Professional Development: Could Your Surgeons Use a Coach?
Peer-to-peer instruction makes physicians better practitioners and people.

Thinking of Buying... 4K Camera Systems
There's a lot to consider before upgrading your OR imaging systems.

Product News
Great Ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: The 12 Days of Christmas (OR Edition)
You won't find any turtle doves or pear trees here.

December 2019

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