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Archive November 2019 XX, No. 11


Unsung Heroes
Reprocessing techs are essential to the delivery of safe and efficient care. It's time to start treating them that way.

Ace Your Next Accreditation Survey
Preparing with a purpose will have you greeting surveyors with confidence.

Teachers of Total Joints
Consulting services can help you start from scratch or push your program to the next level of success.

Trends to Watch in Spine Surgery
There are neat new options for fixing fractures, fusing bone and replacing discs.

The Promise of Near-Infrared Fluorescence
The imaging technology provides valuable visual information to the surgeon that even the brightest white light can't match.

Understanding Electrosurgery Safety
Practical pointers for protecting patients from stray current and hot instruments.

5 Steps to Fewer SSIs
Don't ignore the bacteria-fighting benefits of a back-to-basics approach to infection control.

Making Sense of Hernia Mesh
Understanding the evolving science behind the implants will help you decide which option to stock.

Count on Continuous Nerve Blocks
Providing patients with at-home relief is a key component to a successful multimodal pain control program.

New Opportunities in ENT
Get up to speed on hot trends in thyroid, sinus and sleep apnea surgeries.

Smarter Hazardous Waste Disposal
There are safer, more economic ways to get rid of medications, sharps and fluid runoff.

Pointers to Prevent Endophthalmitis
These tried-and-true techniques reduce the risk of infection following ophthalmology's most commonly performed procedures.

A Look Back at OR Excellence 2019
Memorable moments from last month's conference in New Orleans.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: By The Book
Coloring Calms Kids' Nerves

Ideas That Work: Going Green
Hanging Recycling Bags Saves Space

Ideas That Work: Infection Control
Stop, Wipe and Go

Ideas That Work: En Route
On the Road to Surgery

Ideas That Work: Food For Thought
Staff-supplied Snacks Really Satisfy

Ideas That Work: Morale Booster
Shout Outs for Jobs Well Done

Ideas That Work: Patient Advocate
Making Personal Connections Count

Medical Malpractice: Don't Dread Depositions
You can take control of the questioning by being prepared and composed.

Safety: Avoiding Surgery's Aches and Pains
Take steps to protect surgical team members from workplace risks.

Thinking of Buying... Endoscope Storage Cabinets
Keep scopes clean, dry and secure with the latest systems.

Product News
Great Ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Many Thanks
Jot down your blessings. You may be surprised at the length of the list.

November 2019

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