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Archive September 2019 XX, No. 9


2019 OR Excellence Awards
Meet the Year's Top Performers in Surgical Care

Patient Safety: Solving Problems That Were Large in Scope
Flexible endoscopes were a potential patient safety issue at Baystate Medical Center. Now? Not so much.

Pain Control: A Big-Picture Approach to Pain Management
Lakeside Surgery Center has responded to the nationwide opioid crisis by controlling post-op discomfort with limited use of the painkillers.

Patient Satisfaction: Care Through the Patients' Eyes
Staff at Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center see satisfaction surveys as a golden opportunity to bolster every aspect of patient care.

Financial Management: Taming a Tangled Suture Inventory
Bringing order to a disorderly suture supply - on a single suture cart in a single location.

Employee Safety: Banding Together to Breathe Easier
Nurses at Baptist Hospital took the lead in eliminating surgical smoke from the ORs.

Infection Prevention: Stepping Up to Prevent SSIs
Staff at Saint Francis Health System has worked hard to significantly lower infection risks - and they're not done yet.

Environmental Stewardship: Trash to Treasure: Going Green for the Greater Good
Monongahela Valley Hospital reduces OR waste to help the environment - and the less fortunate.

12 Tips for Instrument Care and Cleaning
If you take care of your instruments, they'll take care of you.

Ergonomics in the OR: Protecting Your Surgeons
Limit your physicians' risk of suffering career-threatening injuries from the physical strain of surgery.

A Look at the Latest in Ophthalmic Lasers
New treatments and excellent outcomes are just a few of the reasons to add the technology.

Can Sealed Sterilization Containers Lock in Savings?
How to decide if containers or wrapping is best for your facility.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Solve The Problem for Everyone
No More Crawling Underneath the Table

Ideas That Work: Nightmare Scenarios
What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Ideas That Work: Root Cause Analysis
Preserving Evidence In the Event of an SSI

Ideas That Work: Safe Rooms
Show Staff Where to Hide From Active Shooters

Ideas That Work: Utility Players
Use 'Runners' to Cut Turnover Time

Ideas That Work: A Better Understanding
Better Serving Spanish-Speaking Patients

Staffing: Beating the Block Time Blues
4 tips to create a culture of efficient, lean scheduling.

Infection Prevention: Pretreating Instruments at the Point of Use
How we got our surgical staff to spray dirty instruments in the OR.

Safety: We Don't Need Another Checklist
It's time to address the elephant in the operating room: human error.

Regulatory Affairs: How Transparent Is Healthcare Transparency?
The window into price and quality data could be as clear as mud.

Business Advisor: Make Your Preference Cards a Current Affair
10 tips to keep your pick lists accurate and up to date.

Thinking of Buying... Video Monitors
Sorting through the wide variety of OR display options.

Behind Closed Doors: Disorientation
Onboarding at a new hospital can be as tortuous as waterboarding.

September 2019

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