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Running on Empty
Don't let the drug shortage leave you hung out to dry. Take these 5 steps to ensure limited supplies of essential medications never impact patient care.

On Your Way to Zero Pressure Injuries
Here's how 3 facilities have reduced their bed sore rates.

Normothermia Is Good Business
Surgical facility leaders say patient warming pays for itself.

What Can Patient Engagement Software Do for You?
Mobile apps can push alerts to your patient that are easily accessed with the touch of a finger.

5 Keys to the Perfect Patient Financing Plan
In an increasingly crowded market of healthcare lending companies, here's how to pick the one that's best for you and your patients.

Achieving Better Hernia Outcomes
Choosing the most appropriate surgical mesh for each individual patient.

What's New in Alternative Wound Closure
Will these devices supplant traditional sutures and staples?

What's New for Your Cataract Procedures
In search of better surgical outcomes at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Annual Meeting.

Will Your Sterile Processing Department Pass Inspection?
Get central sterile in tip-top shape before the surveyor shows up.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Protect and Care for Combat Veterans

Ideas That Work: Violin Solo
Live Music Can Bring Happiness and Healing to Patients

Ideas That Work: Close the Pathology Loop

Ideas That Work: Kids Drive Themselves
Turn Left at the OR

Ideas That Work: Video Greeting
A Personalized Video Recap for Each Patient

Ideas That Work: Virtual Reality Headsets Take Patients to Another Place

Editors Page: A Reminder About Surgical Airway Fires
Is a source of ignition hidden in this photograph of smoke inhalation?

Infection Prevention: 10 Sterile Processing Benchmarks
Measure your department's performance with these key indicators.

Staffing: Bridging the Generation Gap
Can Boomers and Millennials work side by side in harmony?

Pre-operative Planner: Pre-surgical Baths in the Battle Against SSIs
Training your staff - and your patients - to perform CHG baths.

Anesthesia Alert: Predicting Post-op Delirium Severity
New ways of using old screening tools can help you identify at-risk patients.

Product News
Great Ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: You Might Be an OR Nurse If
Sure signs that you work in surgery.

August 2019

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