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Archive July 2019 XX, No. 7


Helping Hand
Despite the expense, here's why we're committed to robot-assisted abdominal surgeries.

Surgical Smoke: A Blueprint for Legislative Success
Two states now protect OR workers from surgical smoke. Could yours be next?

5 Procedures Worth Adding
These surgeries are popular, pay well and are easy to incorporate.

4 Steps to Better Skin Prepping
Improve application practices in your ORs with advice and lessons learned from experts at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

5 Ways to Minimize MRSA Risks
Take these proactive steps to prevent the common cause of joint replacement infections.

Video Integration on Display
The success of your integrated OR hinges on the details that many facilities overlook.

Technology to Prevent Retained Items
Counting is prone to error. These automated adjuncts help ensure nothing is left behind.

How to Keep Your Endoscope Channels Dry
Tips for preventing residual moisture from collecting after reprocessing.

Rebooting Our Reprocessing Department
A comprehensive rethink of decontamination and sterilization helped this facility cut SPD-related patient safety events by more than 90%.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Purposeful Repurpose
Turn Blue Wrap Into Blue Tote Bags

Ideas That Work:First-Time Starts
Come Out Prepared, Have A Smooth Day

Ideas That Work: Doing Zero Harm
Take a Specimen Safety Pause

Ideas That Work: Less is More
Ditch the IV Start Kits and Save

Ideas That Work: Personal Connections
Email Reminders of Your True Calling

Ideas That Work: Block Buy-In
How to Sell a Dedicated Regional Block Nurse

Staffing: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Administrators
A roadmap for your personal and professional success.

Medical Malpractice: Right Surgery, Wrong Patient, Big Trouble
Did pathologist's error lead to unavoidable wrong-person surgery?

Safety: 5 Injectable Medication Tips
A review of safe practices to avoid drug-related mishaps.

Legal Update: Leveling the Payment Field for Surgery
Narrowing the reimbursement disparities between ASCs and HOPDs.

Business Advisor: 3 Rival Hospitals Own the Same Surgery Center
Partner with your competitors is the name of the game in Pocatello, Idaho.

Economic Intelligence: What's the Lifetime Value of a Patient?
Calculating the true worth of a relationship to your surgical business.

Thinking of Buying Surgical Gloves
Find the fit, feel and level of protection your surgeons and staff desire.

Product News
Great Ideas for Your OR

Behind Closed Doors: What's on the Menu for Breakfast?
Bacon and eggs got me thinking of the people I work with in the OR.

July 2019

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