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How Are You Improving The Patient Experience?
Your facility's future success hinges on meeting growing expectations for high-quality, compassionate care.

Sweet Ride From Start to Finish
Stretcher chairs let patients begin and end their surgical journey on the same surface.

A Turn for the Better
8 ways to cut your turnover times - without sacrificing patient care.

Post-op Pain Pearls
A review of strategies and studies on managing surgical pain.

Most Popular Prefilled Syringes
Our survey reveals which drugs our readers buy premixed, prelabeled and ready to give.

5 Things to Know About Intracameral Antibiotics
They appear to be more effective than topical prophylaxis for preventing endophthalmitis, but they're still not approved by the FDA.

The Economics of Robot-assisted Spine Surgery
The massive upfront cost is offset by fewer revision surgeries, lower infection rates, reduced lengths of stay and shorter OR times.

7 Exciting Advances in Laparoscopy and Endoscopy
The chair of SAGES's new Technology Council reviews a few of the ingenious products on display in the 2019 exhibit hall.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Unwind and Destress
The Ultimate Staff Relaxation Room

Ideas That Work: Infection Control
When Can Wound Coverings Come Off?

Ideas That Work: Pick-Me-Ups
Thank You Cards Just for Nurses

Ideas That Work: Hand Hygiene
Doggone It, Wash Your Hands

Safety: 4 Common Firefighting Mistakes OR Staff Make
Lessons learned from 1,000 fire drills I've conducted in surgical facilities.

Medical Malpractice: Negligence Before, During and After Surgery
A knee replacement patient suffered multiple acts of malpractice.

Staffing: Before You Make That Job Offer
Tips to ensure a smooth start for your new nurse hires.

Anesthesia Alert: Go Green With Anesthesia Gases
How you can protect the planet from wasted inhalational anesthetics.

Patient Affairs: When Sorry Doesn't Cut It
Apologizing won't make your malpractice problems disappear.

Product News
Great Ideas for Your OR

My Turn: The Many Hats You'll Wear in an ASC
Is it possible to serve both the clinical and administrative masters?

Behind Closed Doors: 8 Universal Laws of OR Nursing
Unchanging principles that make surgery go 'round.

June 2019

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