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FDA Shocked by Spike in Malfunctioning Staplers
Devices that misfired or failed to fire have injured or killed thousands.

How Laser Spine Institute's multimillion-dollar surgery empire crumbled in a day.

Heated Debate
Scott Augustine, MD, the inventor of the Bair Hugger patient warming device, claims it causes SSIs. The manufacturer, and the courts, so far have disagreed.

Keep Patients Safe in Steep Trendelenburg
Here's a heads-up on what to do when patients are heads-down.

Learn to Love Your Accreditation Surveyor
Embrace those dings as opportunities for improvement.

Fired Up Over Mandatory Smoke Evacuation Laws
Will more states require the use of surgical plume evacuation systems?

Reduce the Risk of Radiation Exposure
Proper personal protection and a healthy dose of common sense will limit intraoperative imaging's inherent dangers.

Your Prescription for Medication Safety
Our pharmacy consultant dispenses indispensable advice.

5 Keys to Preventing Retained Surgical Items
Use these strategies so there's nothing left behind.

Credit Where Credit Is Due
Patient lending solves the out-of-pocket burden for your facility and your patients.

On the Road with Dirty Scopes
How you get scopes to and from the cleaning room is just as important as what happens there.

A Bright Idea for Your ORs
Lighted instruments improve the surgeon's view in the deep, dark recesses of the patient's body.


Editor's Page: A Special Way to Honor Your Special Nurses
The DAISY Awards recognize nurses for extraordinary care.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Needlestick Prevention
Fallen Suture Needles? Let Magnetic Sweeper Find Them on the OR Floor

Ideas That Work:Man Cave For Prostate Health
Urology Waiting Room Resembles Locker Room

Ideas That Work: Sterile Techniques
Teach Students Proper Scrubbing and Sharps Safety

Ideas That Work: Time-Out Tip
Flame Graphic Prompts Pause for Fire Safety

Ideas That Work: Instructions For Use
Does Your Enzymatic Detergent Require a Temperature Test?

Ideas That Work: Emergency Management
Make Your Own Crisis Response Flip Book

Anesthesia Alert: 8 Questions to Ask Patients Before Surgery
Full disclosure is key to a safe anesthesia experience.

Safety: High Time to Address Marijuana
The dangers of patients smoking cannabis before surgery.

Thinking of Buying... Single-Use Urology Scopes
Are one-and-done cystoscopes and ureteroscopes right for you?

IV Tips & Tricks: Don't Let the Little Pinch Become a Big Ouch
Simple strategies to start IVs right the first time - every time.

Staffing: Ready for Your Next Big Career Move?
When opportunity knocks, be ready to pounce on it.

Product News
Great Ideas for Your OR

Behind Closed Doors: The Way We Were
Longing for the golden olden days of the Main OR.

April 2019

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