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Archive February 2019 XX, No. 2


Throw Away the Script
With opioid-sparing surgery, most patients won't need prescription painkillers.

Seeking Safety
5 experts from every corner of the OR reflect on what it takes to protect your patients.

Primed for Success
5 ways to prepare your patients for great outcomes and satisfying experiences in the days before surgery.

Room Turnovers: Life in the Fast Lane
6 tips to maximize efficiency, ensure safety.

Success With Prefilled Syringes
Before you order medications from a compounding pharmacy, check out this practical advice.

3 Dangerous SPD Staffing Myths
It takes a village to raise a reprocessing department.

A Weighty Problem
Over half of all Americans are overweight or obese. Here's how to keep them safe

Hot Takes on Patient Warming
Answers to your 5 burning questions on how to safely and effectively prevent hypothermia.

Same-Day Success Is a Multi-Person Effort
Our total joints program hinged on collaboration among a diverse team.

Hang Time
How long can endoscopes remain in storage before you should reprocess them again?

The Rise of Interventional Glaucoma
These minimally invasive procedures are displacing daily drop regimens.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Staff Satisfaction
King and Queen for the Day

Ideas That Work: Journal Club
Weekly Research Reviews Keep Us Up to Date

Ideas That Work: 4 Hot Spots in Infection Prevention

Ideas That Work: Staff Communication
Finally, a Way to Get Messages to Everyone

Ideas That Work: Forms That Work
Blood Glucose Logs Include Can't-Miss Reminders

Ideas That Work: How to Avoid Wrong-Site Nerve Blocks

Ideas That Work: Help Your PACU Nurses Picture the Patient's OR Position

Ideas That Work: Tray Assembly
Does the Instrument Set Match the Picture?

Business Advisor: 'What Matters Most Today?'
That's the question you should ask every patient upon admission.

Infection Prevention: 6 Unsafe Injection Practices Caught in the Act
6 Unsafe Injection Practices Caught in the Act

Legal Update: The Ride Home: Uber Complicated or Easy Lyft?
When there's no one there to drive your patient home after surgery.

Safety: Make Today a Safe Day
Protecting patients from harm really is as simple as changing the culture.

Thinking of Buying C-arms
A look at how the newest platforms capture and store high-quality images.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: 25 Murphy's Laws of the OR
If something can go wrong, it will (blame anesthesia when it does).

February 2019

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