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Archive August 2018 XIX, No. 8


Keep Your Nose Clean
What's your nasal decolonization strategy?

Is That Scope Clean? Verify It
Now you can confirm that reprocessed scopes have no residual contamination or damage that could harbor future microbes.

Shopping for a Compounding Pharmacy
Ask these 5 key questions to find the right drug supplier.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
6 patient-pleasing ideas you can implement today.

The Calm Before the Surgery
A look at all-natural alternatives therapies that relax patients.

The Queen of Hernia Repairs
I specialize in treating patients with hernia-related complications.

Have You Tried EMRs Lately?
Going paperless isn't as painful as you might think. No, really.

2018 Cataract Survey: What's Hot and What's Not
Readers weigh in on new eye surgery technology, new drugs, new procedures and more.

Map Out Surgery With a 3D Organ Reconstruction
A patient created a life-sized model of his diseased colon for his surgeon to see.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Turnover
Don't Clean Until the Patient Leaves the Room

Ideas That Work: Sight, Sound, + Speech
Let Seniors Wear Their Hearing Aids and Glasses to the OR

Ideas That Work: Laundry Duty
Tips for Laundering Your Own Linens

Ideas That Work: Shelf Storage
Never Misplace a Pathology Specimen

Ideas That Work: Stay on Schedule
Dry Erase Board Keeps You Uber-Organized

Ideas That Work: OR Construction
Welcome to Cardboard City

Legal Update: Dueling ASC Ownership Models
Can traditional ASC management companies compete with today's PPMs?

Anesthesia Alert: Cancellations Aren't Always Anesthesia's Fault
When a case is postponed, there's often plenty of blame to go around.

Infection Prevention: Are You Opening the Door to SSIs?
Simple steps to reduce OR foot traffic - a preventable infection risk.

Thinking of Buying... Whole-Room Disinfection Systems
Your options for attacking bacteria that survive manual cleaning.

Behind Closed Doors: Amusing Musings
Questions answered and answers questioned about life in the OR.

August 2018

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