Archive July 2018 XIX, No. 7

Can You Pass This Decontamination Quiz?

See how well you know all that your reprocessing techs need to know.

Weston "Hank" Balch

Weston "Hank" Balch, CRCST, CIS, CHL


UP TO THE TASK The most important element in the decontamination process are the techs who are doing the actual decontaminating.

After you take this 15-question quiz, hand it off to your decontamination team so that they, too, can earn their diplomas in decontamination from the College of Clean. Whether you ace this quiz or learn a few things along the way, the important thing is you're engaged with the challenges your reprocessing techs face every day and every shift in cleaning surgical instruments.

1. Decontamination sinks should have __________ section(s).

  • a. 1 section — for all soaking, washing and rinsing
  • b. 2 sections — 1 for soaking and washing, 1 for rinsing
  • c. 3 sections — 1 for soaking, 1 for washing, 1 for rinsing
  • Reveal
Reusable Brushes
REUSABLE BRUSHES Disinfect or sterilize reusable brushes at least daily — and preferably after every shift.

2. Sink fill lines and volume indicators are important for ensuring proper dilution of _________________.

  • a. disinfectant solution
  • b. final rinse water
  • c. instrument lubrication
  • d. detergent solution
  • Reveal

3. You should rinse and dry reusable cleaning brushes in good condition at least daily.

  • a. true
  • b. false
  • Reveal
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