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Archive June 2018 XIX, No. 6


5 Innovations in Infection Prevention
To defeat the infectious invaders on the front lines of surgical care, you have to fight dirty.

Boost Your Patients' Dietary Health Before Surgery
Use a simple checklist to screen for malnourishment.

The Quest for Faster Room Turnover
9 steps for more efficient room setup and teardown.

6 Secrets to Success With Laser Cataract Surgery
Expert advice if you're thinking of adopting the femtosecond laser.

4 Questions to Ask About Prefilled Syringes
Here's what a compounding pharmacy consultant would want to know.

Thumbs Up On OR Integration
The systems are pricey and sometimes unreliable, but overall, facility managers love them.

Bone Up On Bone Grafts
A breakdown of the materials that help build bones back up.

The Soul of a Surgical Safety Checklist
What started as steps on a static piece of paper is now a digital tool that enhances patient safety.

The Ergonomics of Sharps Safety
Small adjustments to posture and positioning in the OR cut down on injuries from suture needles and scalpels.

Who's Handling Your Patient Satisfaction Surveys?
The postponement of the OAS CAHPS program shouldn't delay your search for a CMS-approved vendor.

Is It Time to Replace Your C-arm?
The newest machines represent a phenomenal improvement.

Patient Education Is Key to Reducing Opioids
When patients are involved in their recovery, they need less pain medication.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: No Sweat
Tracking OR Humidity Levels

Ideas That Work: Pediatrics
Mask Bubble Blower Reduces Anxiety for Kids

Ideas That Work: Cataract Comfort
Removing Face Drapes Doesn't Have to Hurt

Ideas That Work: Pamper Your Staff

Ideas That Work: Remember to Wash Your Hands
When Everyone's a Hand Hygiene Spy

Ideas That Work: Hard Stop
OR Call Button Solves Safety Concerns

Ideas That Work: Perpetual Inventory
It Pays to Know When Drugs Are Set to Expire

Anesthesia Alert: Surviving the Anesthesia Drug Shortages
Key injectable opioids and local anesthetics are nowhere to be found.

Staffing: How Do You Deal With Aging Surgeons?
Assess cognitive and physical skills in the twilight of their careers.

Legal Update: Surgical Hospitals Stripped of Hospital Status
Medicare targeting facilities that don't keep enough patients overnight.

Thinking of Buying: Pre-sterilized Implants and Procedural Kits
Surgery-ready implants and disposable instrument sets in a box.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Do You Recognize These Disney Villains?
These animated characters are probably acting out in your ORs.

June 2018

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