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Almost Left Behind
Lessons learned from a final count that came up 2 sponges short.

The Ink Must Go Where the Knife Will Cut
There'll be less wrong-site surgery if your surgeons cut through their initials.

A Credit Card Without Interest for Medical Expenses
Your patients benefit when you help them finance their rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Your facility does, too.

Taking Their Last Breath
What if frontline staff demanded smoke-free ORs?

In Search of the Perfect Hernia Mesh
There is no such thing - I know because I went looking for one.

7 Accreditation Standards You Might Now Know Exist
You might be unaware of some of these common deficiencies I cite as a surveyor.

Create the Perfect Cataract Surgery Experience
Pampered patients head home smiling and satisfied with the care they received.

When Is BMI Too High?
Using body mass index to predict operative risk.

6 Hot Trends in Medication Safety
Add these technologies to protect your patients and staff from drug-related harm.

Get Up to Speed On GERD
An update on minimally invasive treatments designed to turn down the burn of acid reflux.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: 5 Ways to Survive the Fentanyl Shortage

Ideas That Work: Try This Tip on Your Tough IV Starts

Ideas That Work: Stay on Schedule
Give Us This Day Our Daily Huddle

Ideas That Work: Hooping It Up
March Madness Brought Our Team Together

Ideas That Work: Quick and Easy Kid-Friendly Touches

Ideas That Work: Alternate Your Defibrillator Batteries

Ideas That Work: Power Pups
Pet Therapy Dogs Work the Waiting Room

Ideas That Work: Drawer-to-Arm Phenomenon
Does That Injection Come With an Infection?


Editor's Page
We All Make Mistakes, But Few Talk About Them

Staffing: Help Tomorrow's OR Leaders With Their Capes
Take the next generation of surgical superheroes under your wing

Anesthesia Alert: Cataract Surgeons Giving Anesthesia?
Insurer says anesthetists aren't needed for most cataract cases.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Practical Jokers
Nothing's more fun than pulling a good prank on your co-workers.

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