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Calm & Cool During a MH Crisis
Is your staff prepared to swing into action to save a patient's life?

New Opportunities in Glaucoma Surgery
The future is bright for procedures that lower intraocular pressure.

Easing the Quality Reporting Burden
Can technology help gather data for CMS quality reporting and benchmarking?

How We Implemented MRSA Screening
By targeting our most vulnerable patients, we dramatically reduced SSIs.

Are Prefilled Syringes Safer Than Ever?
Compounders are engineering safety features into their prefilled products.

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
Optimizing pre-op nutrition prepares patients for the physical stress of surgery, lowers risk of complications and improves clinical outcomes.

Opioid-Free Recipe Swap
Anesthetists share the ingredients to their multimodal approach to 3 painful surgeries.

Keep Your Staff Safe
The OR can be a dangerous place for your employees.

Monitor and Maintain Normothermia
3 non-invasive ways to easily track your patient's core body temperature before, during and after surgery.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Ruff Recovery
What If a Patient Brings Her Service Dog?

Ideas That Work: Quick Reference
"License PLates" Put Patients' Info Front and Center

Ideas That Work: HIPAA
Keep the Schedule Confidential

Ideas That Work: Patient Safety
"Door Buster" Cards Help Save Lives

Ideas That Work: Everyone, Take Note
A Notice Board Keeps Staff Informed

Ideas That Work: Expiration Dates
Stand Out With Color-coded Labels


Editor's Page:Under New Ownership
What AORN's acquisition of Outpatient Surgery means to you [it's all good].

Staffing:Debunking 5 Myths About Millennial Nurses
Embrace the awesomeness of your young colleagues.

Coding & Billing: Avoid Common Colonoscopy Billing Blunders
Simple steps to head off confusion about patients' insurance coverage.

Anesthesia Alert: Limit Opioids - or Avoid Them Altogether
Painkillers are often not the answer to post-surgical pain.

Thinking of Buying Video Laryngoscopes
Which airway visualization device is best for your facility?

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: 'I Had a High-as-Hell Hernia'
Things only a surgical nurse would understand and appreciate.

March 2018

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