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Archive February 2018 XIX, No. 2


Surgical Smoke Nearly Killed Me
An orthopedic surgeon who needed a double lung transplant is on a crusade to warn others about the dangers of plume.

Skin Prep Pop Quiz
Test your knowledge on best practices for preventing surgical site infections.

10 Tips for Effective Endoscope Reprocessing
Check out this expert advice to strengthen your flexible endoscope cleaning and disinfection practices.

4 Advances in Arthroscopy
Your orthopedic surgeons might soon be asking about the latest tools and technologies for improved joint repairs.

New Positions on Positioning
What's new in AORN's 2018 patient positioning guidelines.

How to Succeed With Outpatient Trauma
Position your facility as an urgent care center that can send the boy with the fractured arm home in a cast, not a sling.

Weighing Your Fluid Waste Disposal Options
Are you using the best method for your facility?

3 Tips for Total Hip Efficiency
Keys to success with same-day hip replacements.

What's New in Upper GI
The latest scope add-ons let gastroenterologists see and do more.

You Can't Put a Price on Pupillary Dilation
Don't hesitate to invest in the drugs and devices that make cataract surgery safer and more efficient.

Sending Patients Home With Pain Pumps
Peripheral nerve catheters are your secret weapon in the quest for prolonged post-surgical pain control.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Medication Lockbox
Keep Drugs Under Lock and Key in the OR.

Ideas That Work: Patient Safety
It's Okay to 'CUS' in Our ORs.

Ideas That Work: Show Breast Cancer Patients You Care

Ideas That Work: Hello, My Name Is
Stick Name Tags on Scrub Caps

Ideas That Work: Trips and Falls
Fatigue Mats Make Great Cord Covers.

Ideas That Work: Help New Staff Track Their Progress


Editor's Page: Good Help Is Hard to Find
And even harder to keep, as I - and probably you - know all too well.

Coding & Billing: Yes, You Can Overturn Medical Necessity Denials
3 keys to challenging - and collecting on - unfair claim denials.

Staffing: An Internship Program for New Surgical Nurses
A look at our immersive, hands-on training course for new RNs.

Business Advisor: Add-On Cases: Friend or Foe?
You should always make room for one more case.

Product News
Great ideas for your OR

Behind Closed Doors: Laugh a Little
Life in the OR can be funny - even when it's not meant to be.

February 2018

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