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Archive December 2017 XVIII, No. 12


A Drug Diverter Comes Clean
A CRNA's story of how he got away with stealing fentanyl — and how easily someone should have caught him.

The Ratings Game
How to score high in health rating systems — and how to defend yourself when you don't score well.

12 Hot New Anesthesia Products
These devices on display in the American Society of Anesthesiologists exhibit hall could help your anesthesia providers deliver great care.

Take a Closer Look at Ophthalmic Compounded Drugs
Here's what you can do to ensure the sterility, potency and purity of the outsourced injections you use in your facility.

4 Keys to Prevent Patient Falls
Keep your patients from taking a tumble.

How We Negotiated Our Own Bundled Payments for Total Joints
These surgeons saw the coming of same-day joints and value-based payments.

6 Things You Might Not Know About Patient Warming
A look at the not-so-obvious details of hypothermia prevention.

The Aches and Pains of Laparoscopy
Minimally invasive surgery can be a major pain in the neck (and back, shoulders and wrists) for your surgeons.

The Big Picture on Surgical Imaging
Are 4K, 3D and image enhancement options worth the investment?

Is Your Cleaning Barely Scratching the Surface?
Tap into the science of surface disinfection to rid your rooms of infection-causing bioburden.

Is It Time to Sterilize Endoscopes?
A much-needed higher standard may be on the horizon.

Down the Drain or Direct to Drain?
Our search for a simple, safe and cost-effective solution for fluid waste disposal.

Tools for Difficult Colonoscopies
Help your doctors see more clearly and move more easily through the colon with the latest scopes and add-ons.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: The Long And Lonely Wait
Case Delayed? Let Pre-op Patients Know

Ideas That Work: Stop The Hacking
How to Handle a Coughing Patient

Ideas That Work: Don't Double-Bag Sharp Instruments

Ideas That Work: Sterility Assurance
Lock Up Instruments Not Yet Autoclaved

Ideas That Work: Salary Saver
One Simple Trick to Reduce Staff Overtime

Ideas That Work: Too Hot or Too Cold?
Is Your Cleaning Solution the Right Temperature?

Ideas That Work: Assigned Parking
A Neat and Orderly Equipment Storage Room

Ideas That Work: Go Green With Blue Wrap
3 Ways to Repurpose Your Used Blue Wrap


Editor's Page: Are Your Surgeons Suffering in Silence?
The wear and tear of laparoscopy will take its toll on your doctors.

Staffing: Should You Hire New Grads or Veteran RNs?
Pros and cons of hiring nurses with varying degrees of experience.

Infection Prevention: Don't Define Your Reprocessors By Their Failures
Let your sterile processing department prove itself to you.

Safety: Inside Our Near-Miss Wrong-Site Surgery
Lessons learned from almost implanting the wrong IOL.

Thinking of Buying ... Spinal Surgery Tables
What to look for if you're adding or expanding spine surgery services.

Product News

Behind Closed Doors: Surgery for Santa
I'm pretty sure I saw St. Nick in the OR the night before Christmas.

December 2017

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