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Archive October 2017 XVIII, No. 10


A Deep Dive Into Surface Disinfection
Our infection control consultant has 10 questions for your cleaning crew.

5 Tips for Safely Handling Sleep Apnea Patients
Most of your obstructive sleep apnea patients don't even know they have it.

Winning With Nerve Blocks
20 little-known facts about regional anesthesia that could be holding you back.

Endoscope Reprocessing From Start to Finish
Is perfection possible every time when disinfecting scopes?

Improve Your Arthroscopy Imaging
Clearer, sharper views in your orthopedic ORs will let surgeons perform safer and more efficient surgery.

7 Tips to Prevent Medication Errors
Ensure the right dose of the right medication reaches the right patient.

How to Stamp Out Astigmatism
The 5 keys to surgical success with astigmatism correction.

When Bilateral Total Knees Make Total Sense
With the right patients and right protocols, there's no good reason not to double up.

The Latest in Image-Guided ENT Surgery
Technology and techniques are improving for the treatment of advanced sinus surgeries.

Your Best Treatment Options for GERD
Several possible interventions are available. Here are some factors to consider.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Sustainability
A Crafty Idea for Recycling Colorful Medication Vial Caps

Ideas That Work: "Good Catch" Program
Prize Patrol Helps Protect Patients

Ideas That Work: Price Check
Stop and Think Before Opening Expensive Supplies

Ideas That Work: Two-Bin System for Supplies

Ideas That Work: Army Of One
Assign Nurses to Patients, Not Places

Ideas That Work: Divide and Conquer
Zone Cleaning Your ORs During Turnover

Ideas That Work: Pre-Op Pearl
This Simple Sheet Protects Patients From Harm


Editor's Page: A Day of Surgeries and Zero Opioids
Will alternative pain management techniques go mainstream?

Staffing: How We Built a Positive Workplace Culture
It takes a total team effort to turn around a toxic environment.

Safety: Avoid Opioid-Related Respiratory Depression
Continuous electronic monitoring tops pulse oximetry or spot checks.

Product News

Infection Prevention: Help Your Reprocessors Do the Right Thing
Give your techs the training and the tools they need to bust those bugs.

Behind Closed Doors: 4 Signs It's Going to Be a Great Day
Sometimes you just know that the road will rise to meet you.

October 2017

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