Archive June 2017 XVIII, No. 6


The Power to Prevent SSIs
New tools give you the upper hand in the fight against infections.

Take Our Medication Safety Quiz
Just like look-alike and sound-alike drugs, things aren't always as they seem.

The Newest Entries in Minimally Invasive Surgery
The SAGES exhibit hall was a showcase for innovative GI and endoscopic products.

The Courage to Speak Up
Will your staff stick up for your patients when they sense trouble in the OR?

Guaranteed Delivery of Sterilized Sets
Our crosscheck program verifies that wrapped and rigid instrument trays arrive in the OR ready for use.

Don't Be a Stranger to the Scope Room
Because there's a lot you don't know about endoscope reprocessing.

Avoid Complications in Cataract Surgery
How to steer clear of common, but preventable, post-operative adverse events.

The Golden Age of Surgical Video
Surgeons now have unmatched views of the surgical field.

The Changing Face of Chronic Pain Management
The opioid epidemic is forcing pain physicians to put down their prescription pad and embrace interventional pain treatments.

Partial to Uni Knees
What's fueling the growing demand for unicompartmental knee replacement?

Let's Get Serious About Sharps Safety
I'm on a quest to eliminate cuts and needlesticks from the OR. Are you ready to join me?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: How to Make Your Time Outs Resonate

Ideas That Work: A Dopamine Code Cart Reminder

Ideas That Work: Secret to Scoring a Higher Starting Salary

Ideas That Work: Herbal Post-op Pain Control

Ideas That Work: Medication Reconciliation Form Doubles as Rx Pad

Ideas That Work: Slip Pants Over Foot Bandage

Ideas That Work: Ask Patients How (Not If) They'll Pay

Ideas That Work: Signs of the Times Improve Hand Hygiene

Ideas That Work: Schedule Product Trials Based on Luck of the Draw


Editor's Page: Opening Up About Threat That Closed Down ASC
'I have a gun and I'm coming to shoot up the place, so be ready.'

Infection Prevention: Our "Scrub the Hub" Campaign
Brushing up on IV hub and port disinfection.

Product News

Behind Closed Doors: Slight Exaggerations
Surgical sayings that stretch the truth just a bit.

June 2017

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