Archive May 2017 XVIII, No. 5


Going Outpatient?
Patients who used to pack overnight bags for these 5 procedures are now home in time for lunch.

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Anesthesia Group
Make sure you get the service you deserve and demand from your providers.

Is It Time for an Imaging Upgrade?
Amazing advances in surgical visualization deliver spectacular views, but which options are best for you?

Robotic Benefits Without the Robot
Handheld instruments that provide robot-like functionality.

What's Hot in Orthopedics
7 neat, new products on display in the exhibit hall of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' Annual Meeting.

If You See Something, Say Something
Every member of the surgical team has a responsibility to speak up when patients might be harmed.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Keep the Noise Down in Your Facility

Ideas That Work: Take a Mint and Get a Hint

Ideas That Work: Keep Different-Size Sutures Straight

Ideas That Work: Help Surgeons Who Help You

Ideas That Work: Burnout Binder Highlights What Matters Most

Ideas That Work: Make Early PT Visits Mandatory for Total Joint Patients

Ideas That Work: Quick Tip for Efficient Bronchoscopic Intubations

Ideas That Work: Is That Specimen Label Correct?


Editor's Page: Make Surgical Smoke Evacuation Mandatory
Let's clear the air and address a major health hazard facing OR staff.

Medical Malpractice: 5 Tips to Avoid Anesthesia Lawsuits
Your best defense is to operate within the boundaries of good sense.

Coding & Billing: 5 Keys to Self-Pay Collections
When the patient is the payer, payment is required at time of service.

Business Advisor: Clearing 8 Common EHR Hurdles
Anxious over a transition to electronic records? Fear not.

Thinking of Buying ... Medication Safety Products and Devices
It's time to stop blaming, and start implementing available solutions.

Product News

Behind Closed Doors: Who Are We to Judge Our Patients?
You'll never know the depth of their scars, so try a little tenderness.

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