Archive February 2017 XVIII, No. 2


Did Skin Prep Fuel This Fire?
Alcohol-based skin preps cause only 4% of OR fires, but you must still exercise care when applying these flammable agents.

Inside Our Outpatient Vascular Surgical Center
How we tapped into an expanding opportunity of treating vein-related maladies and diseases.

Image-guided ENT: The New Standard?
How surgical navigation takes the guesswork out of delicate ENT procedures.

Are Bundled Payments Good for Surgery?
How to capitalize on the popular payment model that sets a flat price for all the care you'll deliver before, during and after surgery.

Digging Deeper to Reduce Medical Errors
If you don't reach the root cause, you're not likely to solve the problem.

Does Size Matter When It Comes to Surgical Displays?
A bigger screen size is nice, but that's not all surgeons care about.

Coming Clean on Instrument Washers
Tips for buying the machine that's right for your facility.

7 Questions to Ask Your Compounding Lab
Does your lab take medication safety as seriously as you do?

Secrets to Safe Same-Day Spinal Fusion
Anterior cervical surgery is all about patient selection and pain management.

Boost Your Adenoma Detection Rate
Tools, techniques and technology for more efficient screening colonoscopies.

3 Amazing Advances in Refractive Cataract Surgery
Outfit your facility to deliver the optimum outcomes savvy patients are demanding.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Cleaner Capnography With More Stability

Ideas That Work: Set a Mark for Your Germ-Zapping Robot on the Ceiling

Ideas That Work: A Positive Spin on Pre-op Time Outs

Ideas That Work: Don't Sleepwalk Through Monday Morning Huddles

Ideas That Work: Let Patients See Your Staff Wash Their Hands

Ideas That Work: Can You Spot These 7 Medication Label Errors?


Editor's Page: Putting Things Into Their Proper Perspective
A surgical fire, appropriate OR attire and UnitedHealth's empire.

Safety: Inside Our Sharps Safety Success
We slashed percutaneous injuries in our ORs by more than one-third.

Coding & Billing: How Much Are You Leaving on the Table?
A busy surgical center shares 4 tips to collect all that's rightfully yours.

Legal Update: The Legal Burden of Workplace Bullying
Staff-on-staff hostility puts your facility at risk for litigation.

Business Advisor: Low Patient Satisfaction Scores Will Cost You
Medicare will withhold part of your reimbursement if patient surveys sag.

Thinking of Buying ... Whole-Room Disinfection Systems
Automated units reach the surfaces that manual cleaning misses.

Anesthesia Alert: Key Takeaways From the New OSA Guidelines
What the latest obstructive sleep apnea recommendations mean to you.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Live Your Bliss
Reclaim your passion and do what makes your heart sing.

Behind Closed Doors: The Not-So-Golden Olden Days
A look back at a simpler — but not necessarily better — time in the OR.

February 2017