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Archive January 2017 XVIII, No. 1


Work-Life Balance
Forget money and stress. When it comes to job satisfaction, nothing matters more than being able to juggle the demands of a career and a personal life.

What's New in Patient Communication Apps
Engage with patients in a more intimate way — on their cherished mobile devices.

Stop the Trendelenburg Slide
Positioning tips to keep patients safe while they're in a steep head-down tilt.

Should You Go All In On Laser Cataracts?
The true cost of adding laser-assisted cataract surgery.

Burning Question
Are you committed to keeping your ORs free of surgical smoke?

10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About EMRs
Potholes to avoid as you head down the paperless path.

How You're Managing the Pain of Total Knees
Our survey finds that blocks and NSAIDs are the most prominent of many tools.

Are Prefilled Syringes Worth It?
Weighing the pros and cons of ready-to-administer compounded drugs.

Which Is Better: Wrapped Instrument Trays or Sealed Containers?
Two sterile processing managers debate the merits of fabric and metal sterilization packaging systems.

Are You Following the New Scope Reprocessing Guidelines?
Review these 7 takeaways from the most recent guidance to find out for sure.

Let's Team Up to Prevent Patient Harm
Our exploration of surgical safety kicks off with a look at the persistent problem of medical care gone wrong.

Is Forced Air Warming Losing Steam?
Why some surgical facilities are seeking alternatives for maintaining normothermia.

Surgical Skin Antisepsis Done Right
10 tips for ensuring that patients begin their surgical procedure with an aseptic surgical site.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Tape the Eyes Before You Secure the Airway

Ideas That Work: Organize Your Supply Room Like a Supermarket

Ideas That Work: Tuck the Draw Sheet to Safely Secure Arms

Ideas That Work: Cure a Patient's Pre-op Headache

Ideas That Work: An Inexpensive Way to Transport Dirty Endoscopes

Ideas That Work: A Cell Phone Policy for Patients and Escorts

Ideas That Work: Stagger Staff for Late-Running Cases


Editor's Page: Double Standard on Double-Booked Surgeries
If anesthesiologists can supervise multiple ORs, why can't surgeons?

Is Medical Direction of CRNAs a Reimbursement Scheme or Safer for Patients?
A point-counterpoint between a nurse anesthetist and an anesthesiologist.

Business Advisor: A Master's Degree in the Business of Surgery
Graduate school made me a better leader in the OR and the boardroom.

Legal Update: Double Dose of Good Regulatory News for ASCs
Medicare law promotes pricing transparency and removes EHR penalties.

Staffing: The Benefits of Build-to-Order Instrument Sets
Unlock hidden efficiencies when you lighten your instrument trays.

Infection Prevention: The Quest for Competent Sterile Processors
It's a dirty job, but it's got to be done right. Here's how you can help.

Safety: Fine Tune Your Time Outs
4 ways to encourage your staff to speak up to prevent an error.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: The OHIO Rule in the OR
Imagine surgical flow with fewer instrument exchanges.

Behind Closed Doors: Are We Conditioned Like Pavlov's Dogs?
How surgical nurses reflexively respond to the sounds of surgery.

January 2017

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