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Heavy Duty
Are you prepared to treat the rising population of obese patients?

The Future of Anesthesia
Our experts weigh in on the innovations, attitudes and practices they see down the road.

Orchestrating the Sights and Sounds of Surgery
Video integration lets all the different types of equipment in the OR work together in concert.

Can You Pass Our Surface Disinfection Quiz?
20 questions to test your infection prevention insight.

Doubling Down on Cataract Surgery
Same-day bilateral procedures are shaping up to be the next evolution in eye care.

Hitting the Sweet Spot With Reposable Instruments
Reusable-disposable tools can improve quality and efficiency while also saving money.

Should You Add Laser Floater Removal?
Advancements in YAG laser technology have made vitreolysis safer and more effective.

Can You Speed Up Your Reprocessing Department?
You can't cut corners or skip steps, but automation can help you get sets back to the OR sooner.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Keep Your Staff's Cell Phones Out of the ORs

Ideas That Work: Do You Let Patients Go Home Alone in a Taxi?

Ideas That Work: Are Your Laryngoscope Blades Disappearing?

Ideas That Work: No Need to Remove Clothing Before Cataract Surgery

Ideas That Work: Shine a Light on Dirty ORs

Ideas That Work: Stay on Top of Post-op Complications

An Idea That Doesn't Work: Don't Stack Equipment on Carts

Ideas That Work: An Unlikely Ally in Attracting New Surgeons

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Make Time for Face Time With Your Team

Ideas That Work: Keep Staff Informed With Weekly E-mail Digest


Editor's Page: An Administrator's Work Is Never Done
The days are never dull when you must be an expert in everything.

Letters & E-mail

Business Advisor: Get Patients to Pay in Full on the Day of Surgery
Collect deductibles and co-pays before you wheel patients back.

Anesthesia Alert: Take the Fear Out of Mask Induction for Kids
How to help your pediatric patients get over their fear of going under.

Medical Malpractice: Yes, Patients Can Directly Sue Your Facility
Under corporate negligence, you owe patients these 4 distinct duties.

Coding & Billing: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Conduct an in-house claims audit to find out.

Thinking of Buying ... Orthopedic Image Guidance and Robotic Systems
Navigation can turn good hip and knee replacements into great ones.

Cutting Remarks: Wanna Get Away?
Vacations do wonders for your soul. Why don't we take more of them?

Product News

Behind Closed Doors: The Long and Lonely Road to Recovery
When our job's done, the patient's work is just beginning.

October 2016

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