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2016 OR Excellence Awards: The Best of the Best
Here are your 2016 OR Excellence Award winners.

Patient Safety: Constantly Striving for Zero Patient Harm
Staff at The Valley Hospital in New Jersey will do everything possible to protect those in their care.

Pain Control: Dedicated Teamwork Makes Patients the Winners
The staff at Capital Region Medical Center work hand in hand to achieve excellent pain management.

Patient Satisfaction: Simple Equation: Happy Staff = Happy Patients
That's the formula for success at Parkview SurgeryONE in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Financial Management: This GI Center Minds Its Business
The business office and the clinical team at the Seaford (Del.) Endoscopy Center run a tight ship.

Staff Safety: Sparing No Expense to Keep Staff Safe
At TRIA Orthopaedic Center, employee safety is job No. 1.

SSI Prevention: SSI-Free: 14 Years and Counting!
For Kindred Hospital in Las Vegas, it's been an epic run of success.

Environmental Stewardship: Greening Up Their Act
Park Nicollet ASC's environmental efforts carry a community benefit.

Barrier Protection Breakdown
What if your drapes, gowns, gloves and wraps don't protect you as they should?

Keys to Success With Same-Day Total Hips
A surgeon looks back on 100 outpatient hip replacements.

8 Ways to Make Cataract Surgery Even Safer
These technologies improve patient compliance, reduce surgical injuries and minimize patients' risk of post-op infection.

Should We Use Video Laryngoscopes for All Intubations?
Why relegate the tool that gives you the best chance for success when difficult intubations arise to a backup role?

Do You Need 4K Video?
Get the big picture on the next level of surgical imaging.

5 Trends to Watch in Abdominal Surgery
New technologies that maximize patient outcomes are headed your way.

How Does Your Endoscopy Reprocessing Compare?
Our reader survey shows most GI facilities are following national standards, but it also uncovered some worrisome trends.

4 Keys to a Successful Headlight Trial
Inside UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center's quest to convert its fleet of 85 headlights to an all-cordless one.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Relocate Items Accidentally Tossed in the Trash

Ideas That Work: When to Start the Last Case of the Day?

Ideas That Work: Make Patients' Escorts Accountable for the Ride Home

Ideas That Work: Keep Safety Glasses Handy for Laser Procedures

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
OR Cord Control

Ideas That Work: A Vibrating Pad Helps Us Avoid General Anesthesia in Restless Legs Syndrome Patients


Editor's Page: Don't Flip Your Lid Over Surgeons in Skullcaps
The iconic symbol of surgery is at the center of a dress-code dustup.

Staffing: Start Every First Case of the Day On Time
A punctual start to the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Legal Update: No. 1 HIPAA Privacy Risk? Snooping Staff
Employees peeking at patients' medical records far from uncommon.

In Case You Missed It
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Cutting Remarks: Ouch! Stuck by a Needle ... Again
Dr. Kelly's 4 rules for preventing sharps injuries.

Behind Closed Doors: My Recovery From Total Knee Replacement
Grueling physical therapy makes surgery seem like the easy part.

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