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Battling Post-op Pain Without Opioids
5 multimodal approaches that work best when pain from surgery is at its worst.

The Case for Pre-Packaged Medications
Patient safety is just one of many reasons you should use pre-filled syringes.

Puncture-Resistant ORs
Protect your surgeons and staff from sharps injuries with safety-engineered devices.

10 Insider Tips to Ace Your Next Accreditation Survey
There's more to prepping for your survey than just memorizing standards.

Everything In Its Place
Tips to get a grip on your inventory.

Where There's Smoke ...
If you smell charred flesh in the OR, you're probably inhaling invisible toxic gases, too.

A Day in the Life of an Endoscope
Your scopes are flexible. Your reprocessing standards shouldn't be.

Test-Driving the Newest ENT Navigation Systems
Precision and convenience are the hallmarks of the 5 latest offerings.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: How to Pre-Oxygenate Claustrophobic Patients

Ideas That Work: Right Procedure Is Always in the Cards

Ideas That Work: On Board With Better Communication

Ideas That Work: Store Patients' Paperwork in a Manila Envelope

Ideas That Work: Warm Blankets While They Wait

Ideas That Work: Keep Patient Escorts Close By With an Amenities Map

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Simple Staffing Solutions

Ideas That Work: Green Means Go for Change


Editor's Page: Prescription to Addiction?
We've gone from one extreme to the other with managing post-op pain.

In Case You Missed It ...
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The Sinking of Sedasys
What doomed the much-ballyhooed computerized sedation system to failure?

Coding & Billing: When Payers Demand Refunds and Takebacks
Strategies to fight back and protect what's rightfully yours.

Staffing: Do Your Surgeons Intimidate or Inspire?
Their leadership skills can make or break your team's performance.

Medical Malpractice: How to Avoid Product Liability Lawsuits
Your facility may be on the hook for defective drugs and devices.

Thinking of Buying ... Pupil Dilation Solutions
Drugs and devices to tame even the most difficult pupils.

Infection Prevention: Housekeepers Are Your SSI Foot Soldiers
A dedicated cleaning crew is the first line of defense against infections.

Cutting Remarks: Are We Going Overboard With Patient Safety?
Sometimes you have to overrule overprotective staff members.

Behind Closed Doors: The Lonely Life of a Travel Nurse
Some 13-week assignments are all guts and no glamour (or living room).

April 2016

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