Archive February 2016 XVII, No. 2


The Future of Knee Repair
Could meniscal replacement, stem cell technology and custom-made implants restore battered knees to like-new condition?

Opportunities in Outpatient Trauma
How orthopedic ASCs can handle walk-in fracture care and other same-day trauma.

Your Guide to Orthopedic Power Tools
Give your surgeons what they want with smaller, stronger and smarter options.

Practical Pearls for Surface Disinfection
Deploy the proper cleaning agents to eradicate infective agents on your surfaces.

Reduce Your Radiation Exposure
Don't ignore the very real threats of what you can't see.

Squeaky Clean Surgical Instruments
Pearls and pointers from a sterile processing department that disinfects tens of thousands of trays a year.

First, Do No Harm
Practical steps you can take today to keep your patients out of harm's way.

Out of the Closet and Into the Cloud
Tips for cloud computing success.

Why Settle for Unsafe Airway Management?
Video laryngoscopes turn challenging intubations into routine procedures.

Post-op Pain in 2016
Our reader survey shows continued migration from opioids, toward multimodal.

The Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery
Patients no longer need to take drops before or after surgery.

GERD Treatments Move Forward, But Will You Get Paid?
The new CPT code is here, but you may have to battle with payers.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Text Your Surgeons Tomorrow's Start Times Today

Ideas That Work: Stamp Reminds Surgeons to Sign Documents

Ideas That Work: Use the Fire Cone For Emergency Drills

Ideas That Work: Let Patients Comfortably Position Themselves

Ideas That Work: Pre-op Assignments Ensure Continuity of Care

Ideas That Work: We Did Away With Oxygen Deliveries

Ideas That Work: Don't Charge Your Phone in Medical Device USB Ports

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Repurposed Supplies Get a Second Life

Ideas That Work: Latex-Free Tackle Boxes Keep Patients Safe


Editor's Page: Cures for Creaky Knees
Can new techniques restore battered knees to like-new condition?

Business Advisor: Saturday Colonoscopies
The benefits of performing screenings on weekends.

Infection Prevention: 5 Bad Infection Habits to Break
These common practices might do more harm than good to your patients.

Coding & Billing: Do Your Surgeons and Coders Work in Sync?
Tips to get your docs engaged with the business side of surgery.

In Case You Missed It...
Top 10 viewed features on

Medical Malpractice: Beware the Risks of Secondhand Equipment
Used capital equipment isn't always such a bargain.

Thinking of Buying ... Hip Surgery Tables and Accessories
Their positioning abilities enable a less-invasive approach to joint repair.

Safety: How Safe Are Your Medication Practices?
Reduce the risk of errors by reinforcing these 6 practice improvements.

Anesthesia Alert: A New Nerve Block for Posterior Knee Pain
The "iPACK" controls pain in the back of the knee after arthroplasty.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Just Play It Cool Like The Fonz
You gots to chill when things go wrong in the OR.

Behind Closed Doors: Surgical Nursing Is More Than a Job
It defines us, which makes the prospect of stepping down so scary.

February 2016

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