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Archive January 2016 XVII, No. 1


Fair and Equal Pay?
As your level of responsibility rises, your paycheck should keep pace.

How Would You Handle These Real-Life Emergencies?
Preparing for the unthinkable in your facility.

5 Ways to Make Your ORs Safe and Comfortable
Keep your surgical teams happy and healthy with these ergonomic products.

Your Guide to Enzymatic Cleaners
A quick introduction to the science behind these bioburden-busters.

Strategies to Prevent Retained Objects
What you can do to ensure that nothing's left behind.

Innovations in Surgical Imaging
National experts discuss the eye-popping images on display in today's ORs and what surgery might look like in the near future.

No More Dirty Duodenoscopes
Recent superbug outbreaks have hammered home the importance of proper manual cleaning.

The New World of Drug Compounding
New regulations have improved safety, but some key distinctions are both subtle and important.

What Eye Docs Want In a Laser Cataract System
If you're in the market for a laser cataract platform, here's what to look for.

Reduce the Risk of Pressure Ulcers
Skin injuries can occur without preventative measures in place.

Master of the Difficult Airway
New devices are making difficult cases safer -- and opening the doors to more challenging patients.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Secure Endotracheal Tubes with Dental Floss
Tie Dental Floss Around a Tooth

Ideas That Work: Timeout X2
Pause After You Reposition Patients

Ideas That Work: Ergonomics
Elevate Your Kick Bucket

Ideas That Work: Collections
Ensure Patient Payments Every Time

Ideas That Work: Scrub Sink Bins
Remind Staffers to Don Protective Eyewear

Ideas That Work: Hand-Eye Coordination
Operation Board Game Sharpens Lap-Assisting Skills

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Get Their Attention for Wrong-Site Prevention

Ideas That Work: Waiting Room
Our EMR Keeps Patients' Escorts in the Loop

Ideas That Work: Housekeeping
No Locker Left Behind


Editor's Page: What a Ride It's Been for Nurse Nancy Burden
Looking back on the author of the pink bible's remarkable career.

In Case You Missed It...
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Letters & E-mail

Coding & Billing: Cuts to 2016 Colonoscopy Rates Run Deep
The physician work values for the colonoscopy family are cut up to 17%.

Staffing: A Spreadsheet That Spits Out a Staffing Budget
It gives you an hours-per-case analysis and sets realistic staffing levels.

Medical Malpractice: Talking Your Way Out of a Lawsuit
It's simple -- patients don't sue providers they like.

Thinking of Buying ... Smoke Evacuators
Today's innovative devices evacuate surgical smoke right at the source.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Why Do Patients Blow Off Their Surgeries?
They don't have a ride home or maybe they're getting cold feet.

Behind Closed Doors: The Power of Positive Thinking
A little attitude adjustment can turn that frown upside down.

January 2016

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