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What's the Harm?
Our readers challenge home-laundering scrubs and other sacred practices of surgery.

Anesthesia's Latest and Greatest
A recap of the hottest new technologies on display at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

4 Burning Questions About Patient Warming
A skirmish over the science of warming is heating up.

The Case for Biologic Hernia Repair
Though more costly, is there evidence that using biologic mesh results in lower infection and recurrence rates?

Troubled Times for Endoscope Reprocessing
Your cleaning and disinfection practices have never been under greater scrutiny.

10 Products to Boost Your Fight Against SSIs
Consider these new innovations and old standbys to enhance your infection control strategy.

Take Better Care of Your Surgical Instruments
Tips for extending the lives of your delicate and expensive tools.

Ask the Experts: Should You Add Mini-Laparoscopy?
Top surgeons share their thoughts on the tiny tools and whether the technique is worth adding.

New Currents in Electrosurgery
Recent innovations are improving safety and convenience.

Should You Add Same-Day Spine?
Building a spine program into the backbone of your schedule.

Ready for Retina?
Rising reimbursements and tech advances make outpatient retina surgery a profitable possibility.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Learn By Doing
Let Your Staff Write Your Policies

Ideas That Work: Answer Sheet
Try This Handy Cover Sheet for Your Charts

Ideas That Work: On The Hook
Hang Stethoscopes On Adhesive Hooks

Ideas That Work: Kid Stuff
A Special Pre-op Area for Children

Ideas That Work: Reprocessing Record
Reprocessed Endoscopes

Ideas That Work: Race Against Time
Turnover Tip: Divide the OR into 4 Zones

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Cleaning Up the Mess


Editor's Page: Up for Debate
Ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of rules and regulations?

In Case You Missed It
Top 10 viewed news features on

Coding & Billing: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Here's how to overcome 4 common revenue challenges.

Business Advisor: Going Green Can Save You Green
10 ways that environmental stewardship can really pay off.

Anesthesia Alert: An Infection Risk at the Head of the Table?
There might be if your anesthetists practice poor hand hygiene.

Safety: Time for a New Surgical Checklist
It starts earlier, ends later, saves time and prevents complications.

Thinking of Buying ... Arthroscopy Imaging Consoles
They're the brains of the operation.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: The Joys of ICD-10 Documentation
The new coding system requires equal parts precision and patience.

Behind Closed Doors: The OR Manager's Holiday Gift List
Any of these items would look great in our ORs.

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