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Would You Operate on This Patient?
Let safety be your guide when deciding whether to take on borderline cases.

Smoother IV Starts
Advice from the nurse who can do 10 sticks a day for a month without missing.

Home Recovery and Rehab for Total Joint Patients
Daily visits from nurses and therapists are a necessary component of outpatient joint surgery.

Getting Results With Regional Anesthesia
Don't let avoidable obstacles block the techniques' workflow and patient care advantages.

5 Tips for Trialing Surgical Headlights
We brought in 12 vendors to set up a mini trade show in the boardroom at the hospital.

5 Ways EMRs Make Our Lives Easier
Going paperless infuses the workday with amazing efficiencies.

How to Choose a High-Def Endoscopic Camera
The future is bright for laparoscopic imaging. Here's advice on making the best choice for your facility.

What Your Eye Surgeons Want in a Microscope
Poll your surgeons and it's highly likely they'll list the following factors as the keys to their scope choices.

Winning the War Against Cross-Contamination
Are you overlooking these crucial infection-prevention tools?

Benefits of the Integrated OR
From the lights to the laparoscopes, all of the equipment in our rooms is connected via a single software platform.

Pointers for Preventing Cataract Surgery Infections
Some basic precautions can limit the risk of post-op trouble.

5 Keys to Safer Spine Surgery
As you take on complex spine cases, here's how to prevent common complications.

Which Anesthesia Machine Is Right for You?
Choose like an expert, based on these 13 factors.

3 Key Debates in Same-Day Knee Replacement
Experts discuss the roles of robotics, vendor reps and anesthesia in the outpatient evolution.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Sharps Safety
Orange Mats Also Create Sterile Processing Safe Zone

Ideas That Work: Turnover Tip
Designated Pit Crew Speeds Room Readiness

Ideas That Work: Compliance
Gel Dispenser Holders Enhance Hand Hygiene

Ideas That Work: Part-Time Pros
Local Firefighters Make Great Hires

Ideas That Work: Inventory Management
Set Rarely Used Supplies Aside

Ideas That Work: Clean Hands
Stay Dry With Long-Arm Sleeve Gloves

Ideas That Work: Dry Time Countdown
Let Surface Disinfectants and Skin Preps Dry

Ideas That Work: Waiting Game
Dealing With Delays

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Mind Your Minutes in the OR


Editor's Page: Does Forced-Air Warming Increase SSI Risk?
The inventor of the Bair Hugger now claims it's dangerous.

In Case You Missed It
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Coding & Billing: Fight Back Against Rejected Claims
6 tips for turning claim denials into revenue.

Legal Update: Are You Paying Your Medical Director Fairly?
The feds are clamping down on physician compensation arrangements.

Anesthesia Alert: Putting 3 Anesthesia Dogmas to Sleep
It's time to banish these old ideas about anesthesia.

Safety: Keys to Smooth Patient Handoffs
Relay the patient's condition clearly and concisely.

Thinking of Buying ... Flexible GI Endoscope
Image quality and scope handling make the difference.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Lessons Learned From India
A service trip to Mumbai shows we have much to be thankful for.

Behind Closed Doors: Are You Afraid of the OR?
Cold rooms aren't the only reason to shiver.

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