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The Best of the Best
Here are your 2015 OR Excellence Award Winners.

ORX Award Winner: Financial Management
Rockford (Ill.) Gastroenterology Associates is dedicated to its financial mission.

ORX Award Winner: Patient Safety
Incredibly realistic drills and a staff of true believers protect patients at the Presidio Surgery Center in San Francisco.

ORX Award Winner: Staff Safety
Honorhealth Scottsdale (Ariz.) Thompson Peak Medical Center spares no expense to keep its staff safe.

ORX Award Winner: Pain Control
20,253 regional blocks later, the Andrews Institute's patients are free of pain and opioids.

ORX Award Winner: Patient Satisfaction
The little extras add up to big satisfaction scores at Dakota Eye Surgery Center in Bismarck, N.D.

ORX Award Winner: Infection Control
A back-to-basics approach curbs the infection rate at Mercy Tiffin (Ohio) Hospital.

ORX Award Winner: Environmental Stewardship
Lakewood Health System in Staples, Minn.,goes green for its community.

Image-Guided Sinus Surgery: The New Standard of Care?
A growing number of surgeons and patients are demanding the game-changing technology.

Microlaparoscopy: A Shortcut to Better Outcomes
It's time to think small when it comes to certain procedures.

Upgrade Your GI Service With These Products
7 innovations that can make endoscopy more efficient.

Make the Switch to Non-Latex Gloves
Your team will swear off latex gloves for good if you provide them with quality synthetic alternatives.

Your Primer on Plasma Cutting And Coagulation Devices
These little 'lightsabers' let your surgeons gently slice and seal tissue.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Meds To Beds
Fill Scripts While Patients Are in PACU

Ideas That Work: Paperless Practice
Make EHR Implementation Day Run Smoothly

Ideas That Work: Safety Signal
Color-Coded Caps Communicate Caution

Ideas That Work: Handwashing Sheriff
The Ticket to Better Hand Hygiene

Ideas That Work: Separate and Save
Save on Shredding Costs

Ideas That Work: Shooting Hoops
Basketball Breaks Keep Things Loose

Ideas That Work: Tuesday - Monday Pay Period
Make This Simple Switch in Your Work Week

Ideas That Work: Ringing Success
Strategic Hire Lowers our Endoscopy No-Shows

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
Get Sensible About Supplies

Ideas That Work: Get Well Soon
Your Patients Will Love This Greeting Card

Ideas That Work: Bedside Pre-Cleaning Kits
Standardize Your Scope Pre-Cleaning

Ideas That Work: Space-Saving Tip
Hang Small Supplies In Shoe Holders

Ideas That Work: Keep Cool
Avoid the Mess of Cryo/Cuffs


Editor's Page: Pardon the Disruption
Embrace the disruptive technologies that are changing surgery.

Business Advisor: How to Measure Your Cash Flow
AR days tell you how long it takes to collect on the case.

Coding & Billing: Your Last-Minute ICD-10 Checklist
13 steps to take before the new coding system kicks in next month.

Legal Update: Are Your GI Lab Services Legal?
Exclusive pathology contracts can attract anti-kickback scrutiny.

In Case You Missed It
Check out the hottest headlines from our online news coverage.

Medical Malpractice: Lessons From the Insulting Anesthesiologist
She was caught on a smartphone mocking her sedated patient.

Anesthesia Alert: Mastering Adductor Canal Blocks
Done correctly, they can help control pain for up to 4 days

Infection Prevention: 12 Post-op Warning Signs for Patients
These are the symptoms that warrant a phone call to the surgeon.

Safety: Give Your Facility This Drug Security Test
5 measures that will help prevent diversion.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Block Time Blues
Dedicated OR time is hard to get and harder to hold.

Behind Closed Doors: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Is on-the-job behavior bogging us down?

September 2015

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