Archive June 2015 XVI, No. 6


Shopping for Surgery
How to make the self-pay model work for you and your patients.

Airway Management For Tiny Customers
Pediatric patients can present a unique set of challenges.

15 Questions on Patient Warming
Can you ace our pop quiz on preventing hypothermia?

The Long and Short of Hair Removal
Find out how you measure up against industry standards and your colleagues.

What's New in Minimally Invasive Surgery?
It's all about improved visualization and less trauma at this year's SAGES Annual Meeting.

4 Secrets of Smooth IV Starts
An infusion nurse's practical advice for sidestepping common obstacles to first-stick success.

The Case for Outsourcing Laser Cataracts
Not sure if ophthalmology's hottest technology is right for your facility? Take it for a test drive.

Winning the Pain Game
No single drug is capable of targeting all types of pain, so a multimodal approach is vital.

Best Practices for Reprocessing Lumened Instruments
Don't let these tricky instruments slip by without a thorough cleaning.

Is It Worth More to See More in GI Endoscopy?
3 questions to ask before investing in colonoscopy's latest visualization innovations.

Success With Spine
Specialists talk about what it takes to flourish in a specialized service line.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Bay Watch
Bays Go From Pre-op to Post-op

Ideas That Work: There When You Need Them
Keep Specialized Instruments Filed Nearby

Ideas That Work: Video Views
Shop Online With Product Demo Videos

Ideas That Work: Efforts Bear Fruit
Our Apple Display Keeps Delays at Bay

Ideas That Work: Sharps Smarts
Remind Staff What Goes in the Sharps Box

Ideas That Work: Waste Not
Recycle Unused Gowns and Gloves

Ideas That Work: Reception Room
Crayons and Coloring Sheets for the Kiddos

Ideas That Work: Bag It
Keep Your Shaving Pedals Dry and Clean

Ideas That Work: Monthly Reminders
Coding Newsletter Keeps Surgeons Informed

Ideas That Work: New Faces
Help Staff Spot Vendor Visitors

Ideas That Work: Clean Starts
Protect Patients from Accidental Exposure

Ideas That Work: A Nice Warm Bed
Pre-Warm Your Beds


Editor's Page: Guilty ... Until the Charges are Dropped
How do you defend yourself against unfounded accusations?

Coding & Billing: The Countdown to ICD-10
Be ready for the October deadline with these 6 steps.

Staffing: Solve Staff Conflicts
Hear both sides of the issue before acting fairly and decisively.

Medical Malpractice: Cleared for Surgery?
You should have a clear protocol for obtaining medical clearances.

Thinking of Buying ... OR Tables
The right surface will support your patients for many years.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Surgeons in Training
Teaching orthopedic residents is one of life's greatest challenges.

Behind Closed Doors: The Hit List
Shuffle through a day of surgery with these tunes.

June 2015

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