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Difficult Airways
Are you prepared for the challenging intubations that you can't predict?

How I Mix My Multimodal Cocktail
A dash of NSAIDs, a splash of IV acetaminophen, and a shot of regional or local anesthesia will send your patients home free of pain.

Get the Most From Your Anesthesia Providers
An administrator and an anesthesiologist share the secrets to their working success.

Where There's Smoke ... There's Progress
We're using education to clear the air in our ORs.

Which Boom Fits Your Room?
Structure, use and space should factor into the decision.

5 Steps to Safer Sharps Handling
These precautions limit risks of sticks and cuts.

What's New in Chronic Sinusitis Treatment
Clear your patients' heads with balloon sinuplasty, image-guided navigation and steroid-eluting stents.

The Case for Fluid Warming
It's an underused and highly effective way to maintain normothermia.

Avoid These 5 Patient Positioning Disasters
From pressure ulcers to vision loss, don't let positioning problems happen on your watch.

Medication Safety Pop Quiz
Are you complying with best practices in medication safety?

Take Advantage of Healthcare Transparency
Expert insights on putting quality measures and outside opinions to work for your facility. Surgeons' Lounge

Surgeons' Lounge: Toothbrush Trick
A Cheap Way to Clean Your Duodenoscopes

Surgeons' Lounge: Hollywood Premiere
Increase Surgeon Attendance at Meetings

Surgeons' Lounge: Do you leave your facility in your scrubs?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Purple Haze
Why Would You Swirl a Marker Into a Clear Liquid?

Ideas That Work: On-Site Daycare
Offer Your Staff Free Babysitting

Ideas That Work: Beyond The Checklist
Post Patient Safety Boards in Your ORs

Ideas That Work: Don't Cast Aside
Mix Plaster for Casts In Disposable Basins

Ideas That Work: Simple Set-Up
Assign Each Doc a Numbered Cubicle

Ideas That Work: Advance Notice
Stay on Schedule With Group Pages

Ideas That Work: Scrub & Learn
Monthly Safety Signs Serve as Helpful Reminders

Ideas That Work: Under Pressure
3 Tips to Use Compression Devices Safely

Ideas That Work: Have A Nice Trip?
The Trick for Not Tripping in Your Crocs

Ideas That Work: Safe Seating
The Trick for Not Slipping Off Your Stool


Editor's Page: Objects of Desire
What the Tenet-USPI joint venture says about surgery centers.

Medical Malpractice: Sedation, Sexual Assault and Surgical Centers
Protect your patients from caregiver abuse and the resultant lawsuits.

Coding & Billing: Thinking About Going Out-of-Network?
Larger reimbursements are yours for the taking, but at what costs?

Legal update: Give Disruptive Docs the Boot
When it's time to fire bad behavior, follow the rules.

Thinking of Buying ... Ophthalmic Lasers
Expanded patient care can be profitable care.

Staffing: Manning the Fort Effectively
Your front desk staff are the faces of your facility.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Tall Tales From the OR
If you stick around surgery long enough, you'll see it all.

Behind Closed Doors: The Irritating Things Our Colleagues Do
8 ways our co-workers drive us up a wall.

April 2015

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