Archive March 2015 XVI, No. 3


The Affordable Care Act: Early Verdict Is Decidedly Mixed
Patient deductibles and insurance company profits are too high, say readers.

Thin (OR Equipment) Is In
Declutter your ORs with small footprint equipment.

Prepare Like a Pro for Your Accreditation Survey
5 ways to stress less when the surveyor comes calling.

6 Patient Safety Enhancers
Give your staff the tools they need to prevent harm.

The State of the Art in Astigmatism Correction
Intraoperative aberrometry and image-guided systems help you deliver premium results to your premium patients.

Outpatient Total Joints: A Growth Opportunity?
More and more facilities are adding outpatient total joints — should you be one of them?

The Power of Innovation in Power Tools
They're getting lighter, smarter and more versatile.

Arthroscopy Essentials
Improved fixation, access and visualization enhance outcomes.

Clear Visibility Ahead
Do your laparoscopic surgeons have unobstructed views?

Is Your OR Up for a Best Picture Award?
Nothing matters more to your laparoscopic surgeons than the quality of the image on the screen.

Deadly Duodenoscopes?
Is a long-overlooked cross-contamination risk endangering your patients? Surgeons' Lounge

Surgeons' Lounge: Sharing The Hats
Delegating Those Non-Patient Care Tasks

Surgeons' Lounge: Pushing Propofol
5 Arguments Against RN-Administered Propofol

Surgeons' Lounge: Employment Law
Will Fired Employees Come Back to Haunt You?

Surgeons' Lounge: Fluid In, Fluid Out
DIY Urinals

Surgeons' Lounge: Paperwork Plus
Tabbed Charts Improve Surgeon Compliance

Surgeons' Lounge: Vapor Victory
E-Cigarettes Show the Dangers of Surgical Smoke

Surgeons' Lounge: Say What?
Being Embarazada Is No Reason to Be Embarrassed

Surgeons' Lounge: Conversation With L. Michael Brunt, MD
The Future of Surgery Is Less Invasive

Surgeons' Lounge: By the Numbers

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Shared Knowledge
Daily Conference Calls With Our Sister Centers

Ideas That Work: Cubicle Curtain Clips
Your Surgeons Will Love This Low-Tech Patient Locator

Ideas That Work: Grateful Gifts
Make Patients Feel Extra Special

Ideas That Work: Warming Win
Use a Label Gun to Mark Warmed Fluids

Ideas That Work: Versatile Tool
Hang IV Bags From Bent ET Stylets

Ideas That Work: Streamlined Monitoring
Keep Blood Pressure Cuffs on Patients


Editor's Page: Deadly Case of Distracted Doctoring
Don't let technology come between you and your patients.

Medical Malpractice: Are You Getting the Full Picture on Your Docs?
You have to look long and hard to verify a physician's credentials.

Thinking of Buying ... LED Surgical Lights
The cool, bright, efficient systems have become OR standards.

Safety: Enhance Your Fire Safety Protocols
Address specific ignition risks during pre-op time outs.

Infection Prevention: How We Set Up Our SSI Surveillance Program
Tracking infections gives you the upper hand in the fight against them.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Beat-the-Clock Surgery
The never-ending pressure to perform is wearing thin.

Behind Closed Doors: New Eyes in the OR
What you learn when you're teaching.

March 2015

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