Archive February 2015 XVI, No. 2


Post-op Pain Summit
Leading pain management experts predict what analgesic regimens might look like in the not-so-distant future.

Learning to Love Your EMR
A conversation with a surgeon who took his hospital paperless.

The Hazards of Surgical Smoke
Are dangerous particles lurking in the air of your OR?

Busting 5 Double-Gloving Myths
Crashing through the reasons surgeons and staff resist double gloves during surgery.

5 Products to Make Your Anesthesia More Efficient
Are your providers equipped with these helpful technologies?

Secrets of High-Volume Vein Centers
Experts share their tips on how to succeed in this growing field.

The Case for Rigid Containers
Is it time to make a clean break from blue wrap?

Does Endoscope Reprocessing Keep You Up at Night?
Following these 7 steps will ensure patient safety and extend the life of the delicate instruments.

3D Video in Depth
Waiting for 4K? 3D is here and transforming surgery.

What's the Standard For Pre-op Showers?
An infection prevention researcher responds to updated skin prepping guidelines.

Why Not Have Scrubs Professionally Laundered?
Research and common sense show the advantages are too many to ignore.

Achieving World-Class Turnover Time
Help in the never-ending battle to shorten the time between wheels out to wheels in. Surgeons' Lounge

Surgeons' Lounge: Teamwork
Don't Soak the Pans

Surgeons' Lounge: OR Etiquette
In Search of a Surgical Code of Conduct

Surgeons' Lounge: Orientation Just Got Easier

Surgeons' Lounge: Relative Humidity Levels
Dangers of Letting OR Humidity Dip Below 30%

Surgeons' Lounge: Clear Facemask
A See-Through Surgical Mask

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Charitable Donations
Give Expired Supplies to Those In Need

Ideas That Work: Why It's Not Good to Bend IV Catheters

Ideas That Work: Blanket Security
Tie Warming Blankets to Bed Posts

Ideas That Work: Decontam
Keep Loaner Trays Straight

Ideas That Work: Empty Your Pockets
Ensure Unused Supplies Find Their Way Back to Storage Room

Ideas That Work: Where Are My Clothes?
A Simple Way to ID Patient Belongings

Ideas That Work: Quick Hitters


Editor's Page: Sexual Predators in the OR
From the criminal to the creepy, protect your patients from lewdness.

Staffing: Create a Team of Leaders
"Pit crews" give staff ownership in running the facility.

Business Advisor: Create Your Own YouTube Channel
Online procedure videos are a great way to show off your facility.

Thinking of Buying ... A Phaco Machine
Is it time to replace your facility's phaco system?

Anesthesia Alert
Are Older Patients Getting Too Much Anesthesia?

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Patients Say the Darndest Things
Knee cartridge, torn labrium, rotary cup and other mad malaprops.

Behind Closed Doors: Where No Nurse Has Gone Before
Is the OR of the future a dream or a nightmare?

February 2015

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