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The Art of the IV Start
Slide in smoothly with first-stick success, even on barely visible and rolling veins.

Are Continuous Nerve Blocks Worth the Trouble?
The benefits of pain catheters outweigh the drawbacks.

The Hard Costs of SSIs
Preventing post-op infections is more cost-effective than treating them.

Is Your Sharps Safety Toolkit Complete?
The most common sharps injuries — and what you need to prevent them.

What's New in Anesthesia
Here are 11 problem-solving products sure to be on your anesthesia provider's wish list.

Are Your Room Turnovers Up to Par?
Is the need for speed forcing you to make these common mistakes?

New Angles in Glaucoma Treatment
Minimally invasive approaches can have a major impact.

Surgical Fire Q&A
"Even though most surgical fires last only about 4 or 5 seconds," says fire safety expert Mark Bruley, CCE, "they change lives."

Choose the Right Headlight
Surgeons shed light on the details that matter most.

All Tissue Banks Are Not the Same
3 steps to ensure your grafts are safe and effective. Surgeons' Lounge

The Surgeons' Lounge: Eye in the Sky
Are Cameras in the OR a HIPAA Violation?

The Surgeons' Lounge: Surgeon Scribe
Surgeon's Book Blasts the Big Business of Surgery

The Surgeons' Lounge: Antibiotic Prophylaxis
When's It Best to Administer Antibiotics?

The Surgeons' Lounge: Celebrated Career
Ohio Nurse Retires After 50 Years in the OR

The Surgeons' Lounge: A Safer Anesthetic
Will Phaxan Challenge Propofol's Dominance?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Using Your Noodle
Pool Toys Safely Contain Stray Cords

Ideas That Work: Make Mine Cherry
Make Your Own Scented Anesthesia Masks

Ideas That Work: Safety Step
Keep Your Mop Handles Upright

Ideas That Work: Pre-Op Paperwork
A Passport to Surgery

Ideas That Work: Needle Point
Give Your IV Needles a Slight Bend

Ideas That Work: 3 O's Supply Solution
The Key to Well-Stocked Specialty Carts

Ideas That Work: Reserved Transportation
Number Your Stretchers to Match Your ORs

Ideas That Work: Smart Storage
Check for Outdated Supplies Quickly and Easily

Ideas That Work: Fantasy Football
Can a Little Competition Improve Your Start Times?

Ideas That Work: Wheel Wisdom
Silence Those Squeaky Wheels


Editor's Page: Oxygen's Underrated Role in Surgical Fires
Of the 3 elements of the fire triangle, beware of the one you can't see.

Legal Update: Price Your Physician Buy-Ins With Care
3 lessons learned from a $5M whistleblower settlement.

Staffing: Rehab Your Difficult Docs
Yes, you have the power to change their troublesome behavior.

Reimbursement Roundup: Billing Technicality Could Cost Group of Surgeons Millions
You won't believe why United Healthcare is asking these docs to repay facility fees.

Thinking of Buying ... Automated Endoscope Reprocessors
AERs make it easier to high-level disinfect your flexible scopes.

Infection Prevention: To Prevent Infection, First Assess the Risk
To prevail, you need to know your enemies and know yourself.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Lessons From My Favorite Nurse
After 27 years of marriage, Dr. Kelly's wife is still his greatest teacher.

Behind Closed Doors: It's a Wonderful Life
Now if we can just get home in time to enjoy the holidays.

December 2014

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