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Are You Ready for Ebola?
The outbreak of the deadly virus has surgical facilities on high alert.

Skin in the Game
What are your pre-op bathing practices?

Improve the View for Your ENT Docs
Image-guided technology increases their confidence and enhances case efficiency.

From Hollywood to Health Care
3D, HD and 4K are revolutionizing surgical visualization.

The Economics of Fluid Waste Disposal
Here's how your options affect your bottom line.

How We Beat Pressure Ulcers
The 7 things we did to lower our skin injury rate.

What Surgeons Want in Their Staplers
It's a short list: no malfunctions and no leakage.

Focusing on Success in Retinal Surgery
4 keys to capitalizing on the specialty's rapidly changing nature.

The Details of Decontamination
Start sterile processing on the right foot.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Ice Pack Balloons
Use Frozen Balloons Instead of Gel Packs

Ideas That Work: Easier Induction
Pre-Propofol Lidocaine Prevents Injection Pain

Ideas That Work: Keep the Door Closed!
Install Hand Sanitizers Inside Your ORs

Ideas That Work: Dictation Number
How to Track Op Notes

Ideas That Work: Gentle Awakenings
Try Tickling Their Eyelashes

Ideas That Work: Vendor Relations
Send Vendors an Invite to Surgery

Ideas That Work: Ah-Ha Clipboards
Capture Docs' Impressions During Product Trials

Ideas That Work: When You Say What You Say
Give Discharge Instructions Before, Not After

Ideas That Work: Packing Papers
Trade Your Sticky Notes for Leftover Sheets from Bowie-Dick Tests

Ideas That Work: Skin Care
Remove Scrub Solution Safely and Effectively


Editor's Page: Hostility: Healthcare's Huge Cultural Problem
It's truly sad when your reward for sharing is petty lateral violence.

Letters & E-Mails

Staffing: Ensure First Cases Start On Time
Getting off to a good start sets the tone for the entire day.

Anesthesia Alert: 4 Keys to My Anesthesia Technique
My patients wake up faster with less pain and fewer complications.

Thinking of Buying ... Tabletop Sterilizers
Compact autoclaves are ideal for reprocessing small trays, single instruments and peel packs.

A Look Back at OR Excellence in New Orleans
4 pages of photos from our exceptional conference in the Big Easy.

Cutting Remarks: It's a Mad Dash When I Overbook
I'll do anything to avoid the 5 o'clock witching hour.

Behind Closed Doors: Thanks for Everything
Changes large and small have improved OR nursing.

November 2014

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