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Archive October 2014 XV, No. 10


The Death of Joan Rivers: What Went Wrong? 
Lessons learned from an endoscopy that was anything but routine.

Alternative Uses for Peripheral Nerve Blocks
These innovations show regional anesthesia's not just for surgery.

7 Ways to Use Smartphones and Tablets in the OR
Your crash course on using mobile devices at your facility.

Are You Cleaning GI Scopes Properly?
The case for standardizing the process.

How Clean Are Your OR Surfaces?
There's a lot involved and a lot at stake.

5 Cataract Complications to Avoid
Tips, techniques and technology to ensure eye cases go as planned.

Yes, You Can Do Outpatient Colectomy
Technology and post-op care are changing the length of stay for patients after colorectal surgery. Surgeons' Lounge

The Surgeons' Lounge: Pain Control
Should We Switch to Non-Opioid IV Pain Meds?

The Surgeons' Lounge: Blog Review
A Scrubs Life

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Clearing the Hair
Pick Up Loose Hair Clippings

Ideas That Work: Ouchless Option
Hand Sanitizer Helps to Ease Off Adhesive Tape

Ideas That Work: Bedside Arranging
Slip the IV Tubing Inside the BP Cuff

Ideas That Work: Show The Way
Signs Smooth The Surgical Schedule

Ideas That Work: Letter Perfect
ID Instruments With Pre-Printed Labels

Ideas That Work: Communication
All Important Patient Documents In One Organized Folder

Ideas That Work: Slipper Signals
Yellow Socks Signify Fall-Risk Patients

Ideas That Work: IV Advice
Facilitate the Flow Of Secondary Drugs

Ideas That Work: Facility Design
You're About to Cross the Red Line


Editor's Page: Trade You a Disruptive Doc for a Full Schedule
Some deals you're better off not making.

Staffing: 6 Creative Staffing Solutions
Tips to keep your key people productive and satisfied.

Safety: Blue Dye Mix-Up Blinds Patient
OR mistook methylene blue, which is toxic to the eyes, for trypan blue.

Anesthesia Alert: Acing the Pre-Operative Anesthesia Evaluation
The right approach can go a long way toward eliminating anxiety.

Legal Update: Is It Safe to Say You're Sorry?
Communicating adverse outcomes can be complicated.

Thinking of Buying ... HD Video Displays
The latest models offer a lot more than incredibly sharp pictures.

Product News: A Smudge-Free, Self-Cleaning Laparoscope

Cutting Remarks: Off and Running at Our New ASC
Looks like I need to pick up the pace at our new surgicenter.

Behind Closed Doors: "You Had to Be There ..."
Why surgery's weird humor is a good thing.

October 2014

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