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10 Tips for Supraglottic Airways
How to handle the challenges of a challenging intubation.

Video Views of Airway Visualization Devices
What can we learn from online outlooks?

How Do Your Anesthesia Providers Rate?
What your colleagues really think about what goes on at the head of the table.

Can the Right Anesthesia Machine Save You Money?
You'll breathe easier when you separate wants and needs.

Patient Warming's Not-So-Obvious Benefits
Happier patients are just the beginning.

Don't Overlook These Ophthalmic Innovations
You can solve cataract surgery complications and improve efficiency without breaking the bank.

7 Colonoscopy Upgrades Worth Considering
The latest colonoscopes and viewing aids promise to improve screenings.

Can Outpatient Prostatectomy Be Done?
Same-day discharge after prostate cancer removal is possible, but challenges remain.

The Envelope Please...
We're proud to announce the winners of the 2014 OR Excellence Awards.

Financial Management
Tracking metrics turned the Camp Lowell Surgery Center's AR around.

Patient Safety
Investment in patient safety pays big dividends at Crane Center for Ambulatory Surgery.

Staff Safety
An effort to increase smoke evacuation helped protect the staff at Allegiance Health.

Pain Management
Anesthesiologist Derick Mundey, DO, attacks pain along its many pathways.

Patient & Staff Satisfaction
Personalized service and recognition are the hallmarks at SMI Surgery Center.

Infection Control
Preventing SSIs is ingrained in the culture at Tri-State Memorial Hospital.

Environmental Stewardship
Going green carries with it the added reward of real savings. Surgeons' Lounge

The Surgeons' Lounge: Doctor With a Dark Side?
Will Anesthesiologist Who Allegedly Pimped Women Be Charged?

The Surgeons' Lounge: Phone Etiquette
10 Tips for Cell Phone Use in the OR

The Surgeons' Lounge: Laser Cataracts
What Motivates Patients to Choose Laser Cataract Surgery?

The Surgeons' Lounge: Malignant Hyperthermia
Is the Convenience Of a New MH Antidote Worth the Cost?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Soft Landing
Use Pillowcases for Patients in Prone Position

Ideas That Work: Do-It-Yourself Project
A $5 Label Dispenser Made from PVC Pipe

Ideas That Work: Shine On
No Streaks, No Smells

Ideas That Work: Money Talks
How to Convince Your Staff to Get Flu $hots

Ideas That Work: Endoscope Reprocessing
When Does Your High-Level Disinfectant Expire?

Ideas That Work: Ring Removal
Quick and Easy Way to Remove a Patient's Ring

Ideas That Work: Giving Back
Donate Used Slipper Socks

Ideas That Work: Answering Service or Answering Machine?
Whom Should Patients Call After Hours?

Ideas That Work: Quick Response
Don't Delay Investigating Case Delays


Editor's Page: 'If We Chase Perfection, We Can Catch Excellence'
An NFL coach's famous words ring true for surgical facility leaders.

Letters & E-Mails

Staffing: The Simple Cure for Sluggish Patient Flow
We choreographed a brand-new routine for our pre-op nurses.

Legal Update: Protect Your Social Media Presence
Are your online interactions legal and secure?

Thinking of Buying ... Stretcher Chairs
Treat, transfer and transport patients all on one contorting chair.

Product News: Properly Packaged Propofol
Drug Maker Introduces Propofol in 10 mL Vials

Cutting Remarks: Escaping the Insurance Labyrinth
Some days it feels as if there's no way out.

Behind Closed Doors: Orchids & Onions
The highlights and lowlights of life in the OR.

September 2014

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