Archive August 2014 XV, No. 8


Is Your Turnover Team Fast Enough?
Secrets to getting your ORs ready a few minutes sooner.

Surveyor Says ... Dings that Might Surprise You
Our annual look at accreditors' odd and unusual dings.

Premium Cataract Surgery Finds Its Place
A sizeable number of patients are paying out of pocket for upgrades. But cost is a limiting factor, facility managers say.

7 Cool New Products For Your GI Docs
Advances on display at Digestive Disease Week focused on improving adenoma detection rates.

Is There a Hole in Your Warming Strategy?
Perioperative hypothermia is more common than you might realize. Find out why end-of-surgery temperatures don't tell the whole story.

The Bottom-Line Benefits of Using EMRs
Improved documentation can dramatically increase case volume and surgical revenues.

Time for a Clean Break from Your Old Washers?
Experts weigh in on some key factors to consider.

7 Steps to Safer Endoscope Reprocessing
Are your techs cleaning your scopes the right way? Surgeons' Lounge

The Surgeons' Lounge: Fibroid Surgery
FDA Still Mulling Morcellation

The Surgeons' Lounge: Why Bother?
5 Anesthesia Tests to Avoid

The Surgeons' Lounge: Active Shooter Situation
How Would You Respond to an Armed Intruder?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Information Central
One Dry Erase Board Beats Having to Tell 30 People

Ideas That Work: Embroidered Attire
Personalized Scrubs Won't Walk Away

Ideas That Work: Preventing DVT
Use Paper Towels to Simulate Calf Size

Ideas That Work: Pole Position
Prefab Signs Save Time, Promote Visibility

Ideas That Work: Schedule Board
All Systems Go

Ideas That Work: No Slip, Good Grip
Why I Wear Swimming Shoes in the OR

Ideas That Work: Label Maker
Remove Patient IDs From IV Bags With Ease

Ideas That Work: Leads And Cuffs
Hook Patients Up in Pre-Op

Ideas That Work: Morning Huddle
How We Stay Survey-Ready

Ideas That Work: Colonoscopy Prep
Keys to a Proper Prep

Staffing: The Case for Surgical First Assistants
5 good reasons to partner with these physician extenders.

Coding & Billing: Mixed Reviews for 2015 ASC Payment Rule
Payment disparities persist, but ASCs could gain ground in other areas.

Infection Prevention: Are There Benefits to Pre-Op Bathing?
What we know and how to improve this skin prep practice.

Product News

Business Advisor: The Secret to Winning the Battle for Surgeons
The key to recruiting new docs is giving them what they want.

Anesthesia Alert: For Safe Drug Storage, Automation's the Answer
Computerized cabinets make it easy to pull meds for your cases.

Cutting Remarks: Going Under the Strife at Our New ASC
Our new center is giving us a major migraine — and it's yet to open.

Behind Closed Doors: Weathering the Surgical Forecast
Going to OR 1? Bring an umbrella.

August 2014

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