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Archive June 2014 XV, No. 6


How Comfortable Are Your ORs?
Take this hospital's lead and focus on features that ease the daily grind.

About My Error
The orthopedic surgeon talks about his wrong procedure in order to share the lessons learned.

Are Morcellators Safe for Hysterectomies?
They speed the procedure, but do they spread cancer, too? See what this gynecologic surgeon has to say.

Tips for Greening the Operating Room
Sensible steps you can take today to shrink your carbon footprint.

10 Products You Shouldn't Be Without
Here are some of this year's top innovations.

Perfect Your Pre-Admission Process
Advice for starting every patient experience on the right foot.

Can You Pass This Prepping Quiz?
Want to start a great debate? Ask your surgeons and nurses to defend their skin prepping preferences and beliefs.

The Business of Outpatient Spine
It's an attractive option when you can manage all the pieces.

Regional Anesthesia's Economic Advantages
Peripheral nerve blocks save dollars and make sense.

Tips for Seamless Video Integration
Can your surgeons view and manipulate video and images during and after the case?

Protect Patients From Pressure Injuries
4 questions to improve surgical patients' skin care outcomes.

3 Cleaning Tasks You Should Absolutely Automate
Give your staff a break with these labor-saving technologies.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Transfer Tip
Keeping Patients' Arms Free From Harm

Ideas That Work: Pediatric Pulse Ox
Let Kids Wear PJs for Surgery

Ideas That Work: 28-Day Calendar
Know When Multi-Use Vials Expire at a Glance

Ideas That Work: Color Coding
Binder Clips on Curtains Convey A Lot

Ideas That Work: Division Of Labor
Mailboxes Make Tasks Fairer and Easier

Ideas That Work: Informed Choices
Show Them the Costs

Ideas That Work: Recognition And Reward
Share Compliments (and Maybe Cash)

Ideas That Work: Supply Shortcuts
Program Physician Preferences Into Drug Dispenser

Ideas That Work: Potty Training
Postcard for Post-Op Constipation


Editor's Page: Do You Follow AORN Recommended Practices?
They represent the optimal levels of practice, but the choice is yours.

Staffing: Never Stop Looking for Your Next New Job
7 steps to advance your career, even if you're not ready for change.

Medical Malpractice: Don't Give in to the Gadget
Distracted doctoring is the new legal minefield.

Legal Update: This Transaction Might Be Worth a Tri
Hospital-corporate-physician ASC deals benefit all investors.

Thinking of Buying ... Fluid Warming Systems
Maintain normothermia from the inside out.

Anesthesia Alert: Keys to a Safe and Orderly Anesthesia Cart
20 recommendations to help ensure safe medication management.

Safety: Managing Patients on Blood Thinners
Limiting bleeding risks demands a personalized approach.

Infection Prevention: A Superbug Meets Its Unlikely Match
Well-designed mass e-mails helped curb Acinetobacter baumannii.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Recovery Room Blues
Things don't always go as planned in PACU.

Behind Closed Doors: What's in Paula's Pockets?
Why hoarders make efficient nurses.

June 2014

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