Archive May 2014 XV, No. 5


Watch Your Step
Protect your surgeons and staff from slips, trips and falls in the OR.

Can EMRs Improve Patient Care?
The answer might surprise you.

Assessing Your Airway Visualization Options
3 factors that matter most to the anesthesia providers who depend on the technology.

Sleeve Gastrectomy's Outpatient Potential
The weight-loss surgery is safe and efficient when performed in ASCs.

Innovations in Orthopedics
New ideas were everywhere at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual conference.

Make Pain Pumps Hassle Free
At-home pain relief without the headaches.

Secrets of the Nation's Busiest Cataract Surgery Center
A behind-the-scenes look at how the River Drive Surgery and Laser Center conducts business.

8 Keys to Eye Instrument Care
Protect your investments and ensure patient safety with these proven practices.

The Real Consequences of Medication Errors
Focus on proper labeling, smart storage and constant communication to protect patients from harm.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Fill in The Gaps
Turn Downtime Into Productive Time

Ideas That Work: Hot Stuff
Hang Pot Holders From Paper Clips

Ideas That Work: Checkerboard Scheduling
Surgeons Can Bounce From One OR to the Next

Ideas That Work: Rubber Bumpers
Protect Your Walls From Table Scrapes

Ideas That Work: On-Time Starts
Bedside Check-In

Ideas That Work: Point and Shoot
Photograph What Needs Fixing

Ideas That Work: At-A-Glance
Exam Room Flags

Ideas That Work: Making Rounds
Rounding With a Purpose

Ideas That Work: Sharps Safety
Prepare IV Bags for Safe Disposal


Editor's Page: Staying Upright in the OR
Fallproof your operating rooms before another person hits the deck.

Ask the Etiquette Doctor: The Importance of a Good, Strong Handshake
Not too firm, not too limp — what does yours say about you?

Staffing: Make Your New Hires Stick Around
Cut down on staff turnover during the first few weeks on the job.

Business Advisor: Getting Patients to Pay Up
6 keys to collecting out-of-pocket expenses on the day of surgery.

Infection Prevention: How to Safely and Securely Tape an IV
The traditional crisscross taping pattern could be an infection risk.

Thinking of Buying ... Cutting and Sealing Devices
Energy and effectiveness drive this surgical essential.

Product News: A New Twist on Image-Guided Surgery
The standard C-arm could revolutionize surgical navigation.

Cutting Remarks: Tales From the Crypt
Patients do and say the darndest things.

Behind Closed Doors: If Anything Can Go Wrong ...
Do they teach Murphy's Law in med school?

May 2014

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