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Basics of Blocks
Everything you need to place ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks.

Ophthalmic Microscopes Leap Forward
5 new features that will make life better for surgeons and patients.

Yes, You Can Do Outpatient Spinal Fusion
These 4 factors are making it possible.

The Case for Standardizing Skin Preps
The opportunity to reduce infections is just one of several benefits.

A Sharps Safety Program Even OSHA Could Love
Inspectors lauded our efforts to limit needlesticks and cuts.

Keep Your Guard Up for Malignant Hyperthermia
Here's how we keep from being caught unprepared.

What's New in ENT Navigation Systems?
These GPS-like devices help surgeons navigate through the nose using a 3D map created from CT scans.

Corrosion-Free Instruments
The keys to preventing spots, stains and pits.

Test Your Patient Warming Know-How
Let's hear your answers to these 7 questions.

How to Create a Latex-Safe Facility
Rather than trying to rid your facility of latex, treat all your staff and patients as if they have a latex allergy.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Turn Sodas Into Subscriptions
Free Magazines for Your Waiting Room

Ideas That Work: Pre-Op Anxiety in Kids
Stickers Make Anesthesia Masks Less Scary

Ideas That Work: Supply Saver
Save $2,000 on Suction Tubing

Ideas That Work: Coffee, Juice Or Tea?
Take Post-Op Snack Orders in Pre-Op

Ideas That Work: Cord Control
Shower Curtain Rod Contains Cords

Ideas That Work: Save Time and Trouble
Wrapped Trays Go Straight to the Case Cart

Ideas That Work: ID Vendors by Scrub Color

Ideas That Work: Save on Gauze

Ideas That Work: Where's the Autoclave Printout?

Ideas That Work: Seal The Drape
Keep Blood Out of Hair

Ideas That Work: Patient Warming
Take the Chill Out of Cautery Pads


Editor's Page: The Father of Ambulatory Surgery
Paying tribute to Dr. Wally Reed, outpatient surgery's true pioneer.

Ask the Etiquette Doctor: Which Side Does the Fork Go On Again?
Here's an easy way to remember which utensils to use.

Medical Malpractice: Strengthen Your Risk-Management Program
Limit your liability and reduce losses if and when an incident occurs.

Business Advisor: Your Crash Course in Case Costing
Replace expensive surgical supplies with less costly alternatives.

Anesthesia Alert: Are You Using Ultrasound to Its Full Potential?
How it's transforming anesthesia and perioperative care.

Thinking of Buying ... Surgical Headlights
These factors will help surgeons see the light.

Infection Prevention: What's Up With TASS?
Incidences are on the decline, but there's still work to be done.

Product News: Google Glass Coming to an OR Near You
Could the wearable computer be surgery's next big thing?

Cutting Remarks: Open Season for Vendors in Our ORs
Scenes from the sales frenzy that was our video camera evaluation.

Behind Closed Doors: Things That Make You Go Hmmm
I don't stay in one OR for long, but I don't miss much while I'm there.

April 2014

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